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Skysphere: The Ultimate Solar Powered Android Controlled Man Cave

With solar power and smartphone optimization, this New Zealand man cave would be an enviable retreat for anyone.

retro office interiors

Beautiful Offices of Stelmat Teleinformatica

Crisp neat offices of Brazilian telecommunication company Stelmat Teleinformatica.

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vinyl clock5 recycled art

The Art of Recycling

Common household items 'hacked' to make them useful in alternative ways


Household junk Recycled into Portrait Masterpieces

Artist Zac Freeman creates portrait images out of household trash. [Must See]


What insanely creative people do with waste newspapers

An artist's way of recycling the creative way - Stunning newspaper sculptures


17 Stunning Life Forms Created from Waste

beautiful ways to recycle and reclaim waste


Recycled Home Decor

Making the best from waste, recycling all the way!


Bizarre House Made from Bottles

Pictures of a house made from bottles! [Must See]


Bomb shelter house designs!

A place you can call home, if you live to see a nuclear attack! Situated underground, these shelters have powerful air-filtration ...


Concept Earthquake Resistant Homes

Homes built to resist most natural calamities, this post features houses that can resist earthquakes, hurricanes, typhoons and oth...


Sustainable Home Designs for Katrina Victims

Pictures of sustainable eco friendly homes designed by some of the world's top archtects for the Make it rRght project by Brad Pit...


26 Chairs Made from Recycled Materials

Innovative chairs made from recycled materials. Pretty Bizarre!