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minimalist white dining ideas

A Super Minimalist Modern Apartment In White

A very modern and minimalist approach to apartment design by a St.Petersburg based design studio.

Modern light shades

Bold Decor Schemes

Bold decor schemes with modern minimalist flair

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This modern kitchen is not fussy or complicated. Instead, a small counter area, with a bar that juts out playfully, gives just enough room to cook a simple meal or enjoy a cup of coffee without a lot of overhead.

Minimalist Kitchen Designs

These sleek kitchen designs from Italian company Comprex are perfect for anyone from the casual cook to the gourmet chef with a fl...

An entire wall has been dedicated to a home library of books, on dramatic dark shelving.

Dreamy Interiors

Five contemporary home interiors based on the soft neutral color palette.

This black and white interior vision is a striking loft in the complex 'Scheibler' in Lodz, with a useable area of 64 m2. White washed brick walls form a blank canvas, and a huge black sofa parades the perimeter.

Interior Design In Black & White

A huge gallery of black and white room designs for insatiable monochrome decor desire!

The first stop is the still in progress Lipki apartment, a flat in the old district of Kiev, Ukraine. Inside this dwelling we find a very minimalistic look with stark white walls and low level contemporary sofa. The only color in the entire lounge space come from a little detail in the propped up poster art.

Sophisticated Room Designs with Stripped Back Style

Simplistic decor schemes for the living room, kitchen and bathroom, set in four contemporary homes.

Orange sectional sofa

Cool Home Designs with Warm Accents

Monochrome apartment schemes that have been infused with a blast of orange or yellow accents.

A green accent chair in the entryway continues the fresh accent color from the dining area.

Beautiful Minimalist Interiors

Fresh and funky home interiors with minimalist lines to inspire your decor.

Inside, once again we see an open, minimalist living space with ladders leading to more private nooks.

Japanese Minimalist Home Design

The designs of these Japanese homes favor space and simplicity over furnishing and extravagance.

The living area serves a dual purpose. The mounted television provides area for entertainment while the convertible bed/sofa is a place for entertaining as well as sleep.

Modern Japanese House

With an ever-present mind towards space efficiency, this modern Japanese house makes use of every square foot while maintaining a ...

modern design living room

Apartment Living for the Modern Minimalist

Sleek, modern yet minimalist apartment spaces are the new trend.

pendant-lit modern living dining with wall inset fish tank

Shanghai Apartment With Modern Minimalist Flair

A modern, minimalist exercise in interior design in the Asian tradition.

japanese minimalist design

Japanese Style Interior Design

Japanese Interior Design: Traditional zen philosophy inspires the simplistic, natural essence found in minimalist architecture and...

Modern living room diner

Modern Minimalist Decor with a Homey Flow

Wander room to room through this lovely example of modern living and sleep spaces.

Open plan living area

Minimalist Japanese Prefab House

Light and airy Japanese minimalist home with open plan dual level living room and mezzanine landing.

The color palette of the home walks through the white spectrum, with bright walls and creamier furniture hues, though a splash of brown has been introduced in carefully placed pieces to accentuate the knotty wood tones.

Simple Open Plan Living

Another cool minimalist Japanese interior washed in white and warmed by wood tones.

White kitchen diner lounge

Apartment Awash with Walnut & White

A chic white apartment warmed with smooth walnut wood tone. Airy open plan with a collection of modern furniture.

At the front of the home, a towering glass façade overlooks a zen-like courtyard, on the approach to a minimalist entranceway flanked in wood. Slender trees soften the lines of the modernistic architecture and encourage a more naturalistic feel that in turn leads into the pure materials of the interior.

Modern Japanese Home

Slick Japanese architecture where traditional ideals meet modern minds.

The blonde flooring in this concept comes in the form of marble effect tiles, practical for cooking and eating areas, and is softened by a deep pile rug in the lounge.

Modern Minimalist Black and White Lofts

Monochromatic decor sets a contemporary tone in these cool open plan design schemes.

Other dividing double sided designs are seen jutting into a living space from a side mounted flue, allowing the omission of a vertical chimney completely, and therefore resulting in unobscured views from one end of a multipurpose room to another.

Fabulously Minimalist Fireplaces

Sleek lined fireplaces, wall mounted, dual aspect and side flue designs to divide or enhance your living spaces.

White dining render by BBB

Exquisite Interior Renders by BBB

Amazing renders by studio BBB show minimalist neutral interiors for a modern home.

red sofa wood entertainment unit

Rendered Minimalist Spaces by Rafael Reis

Minimalist spaces rendered by digital artist Rafael Reis. Neutral decor flooded with light, space and clean lines.

Winter house modern interior

Winter House

Based on the Casa Codina house by A4 Estudio, the Winter House visualized by Black Haus is depicted on a beautiful snowscape.

creepers on house wall

A Beautiful Ivy Overgrown House in Hungary

An ivy overgrown house located in Svab Hill, Hungary. Home of renowned photographer Tomasz Gudzowatyon and designed by Satoshi Oka...

modern minimalistic dining

Modern Minimalist Flat Interior Design

A very unique and modern Flat designed by Tamizo designers in Poland

fancy kitchen and dining

Home by i29 Architects

A novel home designed by i29 architects that uses white black and wood.

The stepped floors and Chartreuse yellow shelving allows long views and natural light, but also defines the different spaces of the room.

Step House: Fabulous Minimalism

A fabulous and minimalistic step house in Girona, Spain.

sodae front elevation

Unconventional House: VMX’s Minimalism Marries Ruralism

Unconventional shaped house designed by VMX Architects.

beautiful house

Japanese House in the Forest (Visualized)

A beautiful house set in a wonderful natural setting, visualized by Ando Studio.