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This urban industrial apartment has vaulted ceilings, but in most cases, that just means a lot of empty space above your head. The massive shelving unit takes full advantage of the extra area, letting you stack books all the way up to the top and including a ladder for quick, if precarious access to every level.

Living Rooms That Sport A Book Collection

These homes make their impressive book collections a focal point of the design. The results will be beautiful to any bookworm.

There's nothing like snuggling up next to a roaring fire with a good book!

Reading Spaces

Flick through this catalog of reading spaces, perfect places for relaxation and study.

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Library Designs

Pictures of libraries rendered out by designers for a giveaway organized by Ronen Bekerman.

2 gray red reading corner modern chair

Reading Corners

Reading Corners and home library inspiration from renders by skilled specialists of the Evermotion forum.

Library with Courtyard

Library Inspiration

We have assembled a collection of modern and beautiful libraries for your design inspiration.

Loft bookshelf

Bookshelf Fantasy

Beautiful blog featuring some outstanding bookshelf designs.


A Bookworm’s Dream: The Bookshelf Tower

A Small Spaces Exhibit, and a real Bookshelf Staircase


Home Library Design

Pictures, Ideas and tips to design a home library


Bookshelves As Room Focus

Inspirational pictures of rooms with bookshelf as focus