Open Kitchen Shelving: 40 Classy Examples That Show How The Pros Pull It Off

There’s a type of kitchen design that’s bold, daring, different. It matches Scandinavian exposed brick walls, and complements black-tiled surfaces, feature walls and white-washed wooden panels. What are we talking about? Open kitchen shelving, of course! Our top forty picks show how the right shelving design can create an inspirational kitchen interior. Add art to your shelving, by striping mustard over the top. Go geometric, with an acrylic C framing roughshod wood. Go for the look of a New York eatery, with elongated shelves propping up white tiles and hanging saucepans. Forgo full cupboards in your kitchen, with these forty professional looks.

Having open shelving in your kitchen is an opportunity to display your best items – not reveal your worst. If you need to add to your collection, we’ve got a broad array of coffee mugs, teapots, wine glasses, knives, cutting boards and kitchen gadgets we can point to. Check them out below.

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cool kitchen gadgets

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