Managing With Less: 3 Small Homes Under 40 Square Meters (430 Square Feet)

Super compact but deliciously cosy and creative, these three small home designs are fashioned with inspiring succinct style. This trio of home tours demonstrate solid layout ideas that leave no small space unutilised, and incorporate all the needs and wants for modern life. Each of the small interiors also dive bravely into their own characterful colour scheme. Our first home is a relaxing vision of soft green, grey and white decor, with smooth light wood accents. The second apartment shows a bold monochrome base and teal accents, enriched with deep wood and botanical art. We finish up in a light yellow and breezy blue scheme that’s offset with monochrome art and a black framed glass bedroom.

If you enjoy looking at how designers manage to pull of such tiny spaced homes, be sure to check out these three:

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Three Modern Apartment Interiors Under 40 Square Meters (With Layouts)
An Incredibly Compact House Under 40 Square Meters That Uses Natural Decor

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