The posts in this section give a complete round up of great homes and try to include imagery from every possible room in the home.

While the use of wood in any home is not itself unique, the way in which these four spaces use the natural beauty of wood grain to...




With just the direction of concrete and wood, an expereicned design team is able to turn an industrial warehouse space into a warm...
See a brightly-coloured industrial interior. This 52sqm apartment uses red, green, yellow and blue to make a feature of electric w...
Step inside four cozy but stylish studio apartments that let natural light stream in for maximum effect. You won't even miss the w...
Each of these studio apartments embrace their distinctive decor themes, ranging from modern industrial to natural Scandinavian.
A sleek modern apartment in Lviv features a cool color palette as well as interesting room dividers like sliding glass doors.
Beautiful white and wood house with ample light and greenery.
This rustic hobbit-inspired home is filled with handmade furniture and surrounded by lush Scottish gardens.
Three apartments that each include modern, comfortable bedrooms for adults as well as playful, stylish rooms designed with kids in...
To live comfortably in a studio apartment, it is necessary to make some concessions. With the right design team and furniture, it ...
Lofts aren't just a utilitarian solution for small spaces - they can also be playful, stylish, and fun.
House with front lawn

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