The posts in this section give a complete round up of great homes and try to include imagery from every possible room in the home.


4 Homes Using Concrete as a Stylish Accent

Four homes that feature exposed concrete as a central, stylish element.


A Cool Grey Interior for a Free Spirit

A one bedroom apartment with a bright and spacious dining area is perfect for someone who loves adventure and wants to entertain o...

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Chic Scandinavian Loft Interior

An open and stylish Scandinavian style loft in Lithuanian is the perfect home for a hip young couple.

The first apartment is in the heart of Marais and measures 50 square meters (538 square feet). Exposed wood beams from the original structure really pop against white walls for an effective eclectic design. Natural materials are used throughout the space to play off of these stunning means. A solid walnut wall conceals the practical spaces of the house while class separates out the bedroom, allowing plenty of sunlight to filter into this top floor apartment.

2 Small And Cute French Apartments Under 50 Square Meters Designed By Margaux Beja

These apartments from French designer Margaux Beja are just as chic as you would expect.


3 Creative Interiors that Utilize Bright Accents

Three difference spaces from Kuten Studio use neutral backgrounds and splashes of color to great effect.


4 Beautiful Homes with a White Theme

Four homes that use white as a main component of their interior design.

Not every part of the home is quite so dreary, however. Both the bedroom and a conversation nook by the large window in the main living area are rather bright. Though the tones stick to neutral, natural sunlight provides a bit of warmth and levity.

Two Sleek Apartments with Interior Glass Walls

Two family homes that use interior glass walls to create separation with style.


5 Apartment Designs Under 500 Square Feet

We feature 5 small space apartments that look beautiful and at the same time make the best use of what they have.

Once inside, drama largely gives way to playfulness. Despite a leaning towards black and white (hence the name of the project), there is actually a great deal of color inside. From electric orange dining chairs - where lucky dinner party guests can await the next course - to deep purple armchairs that would be just as suited to a Prince listening party as to an after dinner cocktail.

A Bright Modern Row House Redone for a Fun Couple with a Love of Cooking

This brightly decorated house in Washington, DC is the perfect retreat for a young, fun couple who loves to cook.

The main entryway and living room benefit from large amounts of natural light. The design takes full advantage of these rays by using plenty of light colors, including a soft cashmere gray for the sofa, a light wood flooring, and white walls. In the entryway, a creative wood slat design acts as an open coat closet and creative room divider.

A Midcentury Inspired Apartment with Scandinavian Tendencies

A bright and sunny apartment in Saint Petersburg uses both midcentury furniture and Scandinavian details to create a pretty, creat...

Throughout the house, sustainability is an important factor in the design. Concrete flooring, for instance, is not just trendy and clean but offers a low-maintenance flooring solution and helps to control temperature swings, even in Sonoma's mostly mild climate.

Custom Home in Sonoma Gives a Modern Twist to Wine Country

A gorgeous modern home in Sonoma, California proves that sustainable design does not have to come at the cost of aesthetics.

The house's exterior has been described as "sculptural" and for good reason. Contained within these morphed steel forms is 1100 square meters (11840 square feet) that is anything but modest while still maintaining a sense of open simplicity.

A South African Home that Maximizes Nature Reserve Views

A gorgeous modern home in South Africa with lovely spaces for outdoor entertaining.


Gorgeous Use of Wood Takes this Artistic Mansion to the Next Level

A hilltop home fit for an artist uses wood for a warm and gorgeous design.


4 Cute and Stylish Spaces Under 50 Square Meters

Don't think you could fit your family in 50 square meters? These apartments will make you think again.

The living, kitchen, and dining space all have easy communication with one another. In order to make this possible, the design has to both separate and connect the disparate spaces. Patterns and unique design elements manage to do this well. In the kitchen, a half wall made out of wood slats creates more division but still allows light and air to flow through. Similarly, a swirled rug design in the living room contrasts a checked pattern in the entryway, which makes it easier to divide spaces.

A Contemporary Apartment with Lots of Open Space

An apartment in Lviv makes good use of space and design for a modern, open feel.


Micro Home Design: A Super Tiny Apartment With Just 18 Square Meter Area (Under 200 Square Feet)

A teeny tiny home provides everything you could need in a small, stylish package. If you are looking for a micro home, you shouldn...


A “Smart” Penthouse in Kiev is the Perfect Party Pad

This smart penthouse in Kiev has iPad controlled blackout curtains for when those long nights just don't want to end.

The exterior has a modern gothic feel to it, with different levels stacked haphazardly on top of one another and jutting out in different directions. It's as if the Addams Family had to buy a new house and no turrets or widow's walks were allowed.

An Opulent Chinese Mansion Straight Out of the 80s

With tons of marble and lots of furniture, this decadent design is a far cry from modern minimalism and a shout out to the me gene...


A Colorful Modern Space for a Stylish Couple

A space that is both stylish and simple but still manages to feel practical and fun.

The space is designed linearly, such that the living room shares one wall with one bedroom, while that bedroom shares one wall with the second bedroom. Two long and narrow hallways on either side of the open rooms connect each separate space. That makes this home an ideal design for either a couple with guests who come frequently, or perhaps who are caring for an aging parent.

White Walls and In-Floor Storage Make This Creative House Design Special

This in-floor storage in this Japanese-inspired house is a fun little secret in an otherwise unforgiving space.


A Kids Friendly Apartment Design With Lots Of Playful Features

The colorful, fun designs that characterize so many kid's rooms don't have to be unsophisticated and this apartment proves it.

The first home has the light wood and neutral palette that has certainly been inspired by Japanese and Scandinavian minimalism. A small dining table fits nicely into the main living area, which also includes bench seating (with storage, of course) and a small cooking space. The coziest element is the sleeping nook, which has a soft curtain to pull closed and shut out the day.

Ultra Tiny Home Design: 4 Interiors Under 40 Square Meters

These itty bitty houses are definitely an inspiration in style and organization.


Minimalist Apartment for a Family of Four

This minimalist home in Russia is a perfect zen retreat for a clean family of four.


2 Loft Ideas For The Creative Artist

An artist's loft can take on many different characteristics, depending on the artist. These two options are quite different, but c...


A Seductive Home with Lush Colors and Double Baths

This music lover's home is set up perfectly for a couple who wants to spend all their time enjoying one another.

The first space is home to a musician, his wife who is a photographer, and their two children. The space measures 135 square meters (1453 square feet). The living areas are communal for the entire family, but the space also includes a photo lab, a music studio, and a gallery.

Interior Design For Musicians: 2 Classy Music Themed Home Designs

These two music themed homes are stylish and inspirational for the creative energy in anyone.


Chic Scandinavian Studio With Lofted Bed

This Scandinavian loft is all the gorgeous simplicity and bright, sunny optimism that you would expect from the happiest region in...

The loft is divided into two distinct area: one for day and one for night. The open flow of the home, including vaulted ceilings and a ladder for reaching lofted bookshelves, is warm and welcoming. Part of this is due to the layout while part is due to the carefully selected materials. Natural pine makes up the wall and floor paneling and its warmth is immediately apparent. The rest of the space is bedecked mainly in black and white, keeping things neutral and a bit cheerful.

Loft Design For A Family That Makes Clever Use Of Its Space

A simple, space saving and stylish loft that uses some great techniques to make the most of its modest space.


50 Square Meter Space Saving Apartment Layout For Young Family

Get your own space saving ideas from this small apartment for a family of three.