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This dreamy scene is a serene bedroom design captured as the sun goes down over the city. The open plan en suite allows the panoramic views to be soaked up whilst under the bubbles in the bath tub. The freestanding tub stands upon the same herringbone wood planking floor arrangement as the rest of the bedroom for an uncomplicated flow through effect.

Atmospheric Room Designs

Bedrooms, living rooms and dining room schemes featured in high definition photography.

This $45,000 per month condo on Lincoln Square is a 5 bedroom modern space with floor to ceiling windows with a panorama of Central Park, the Hudson and East Rivers, GW Bridge, the Midtown Skyline and the Statue of Liberty.

10 Super Pricey Apartments In New York

A collection of the most expensive luxury New York apartments available for rent.

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Contemporary architecture

A Visual Feast of Sleek Home Design

A post jam packed with beautiful photography of home design inspiration.

The first apartment has the foundations of a monochrome dream, with striking black and white chevron rug, and snow-white sofa and accent chairs. However, as you wander a little further into the scheme warm notes appear in the form of purposefully placed red home accessories such as a large plant pot and a scattering of rosy vases in the display nooks of the built in bookcase.

Striking Home Visualizations by Pavel Vetrov

Four apartments containing unique home style ideas.

Rich wood covers the floor and feature wall of this otherwise white apartment design, from arhform architectural studio, creating a warm and welcoming look. The lounge and dining areas are defined by shaggy area rugs from a neutral palette, and lighting choices throughout are big and bold.

Five Fab Apartment Designs

A cool collection of home designs to inspire apartment owners everywhere.

Matching topiaries are an absolute sure way of creating a regal feeling in a green space, but for an understated elegance be sure to stick to simple designs like these spherical affairs, rather than pruning a crowing rooster design!

Garden Inspiration

Grand garden designs with landscaping that is sure to impress!

We love the feathery privacy screening created by the border of leafy green plants in this one, as well as the tropical jungle-like borders to make you feel as though you are sunbathing in the rainforest rather than perched above a concrete jungle. The decking runs from edge to edge, giving this space the feeling of an indoor room.

Roof Gardens

Roof gardens, terraces and patios to make you feel on top of the world in your top of the building space!

A cooly classic living space; quietly serious in pallet but deliciously sumptuous in texture.

Smooth Modern Home Designs by Vitaly Yurov

An inspirational collection of living room, dining room and bedroom designs by designer Vitaly Yurov.

A theatrical feeling is evoked by the raised platforms of this home, as though the homeowners are about to take the stage.

Excellent Exteriors

Contemporary exteriors exploring great architectural visions and landscaping.

sustainable concrete dollhouse

Dollhouses Designed by Star Architects

These dollhouses, designed by some of the most celebrated architects in the UK, will be auctioned off to raise money for children ...

Some of the fairytales are more obvious and literal than others. Here, a sleeping Wengenn becomes his own Gulliver, traveling through his dreams at home.

Adorable Sleeping Baby Dreamscapes

Artist, photographer and mother Queenie Liao has created lush and imaginative scenes out of household items and her sleeping infan...

Using plants as partitions is a particularly creative and beautiful solution to the room divider issue. These vines climb up ropes to create an indoor jungle that also separates spaces.

Room Dividers & Partitions

The elegant and creative room dividers in this offer stylish ways to divide space and give everyone the privacy they need.

beige sectional

Calming Modern Interiors

These creative designs from Russian 3d artist Vladimir Bolotkin show his versatility and skill as a decorator.

sunny white living room

Warm Contemporary Interiors

3D artis Koj creates a series of sleek, contemporary spaces just begging to come to life.

whimsical bedroom decor

Playfully Colorful Interiors

Portico Design Group creates interiors with a distinctly clean and modern aesthetic but incorporates pops of colors beautifully fo...

sunny living room

Home Visualizations Take You Back to Nature

These home designs from Ando Studio not only work around the natural elements that surround the houses, but incorporate and celebr...

Screen Shot 2013-10-03 at 7.31.16 PM

Introducing The Book Of Beautiful Homes

An ebook featuring 40 spectacular homes from around the world.

This urban industrial apartment has vaulted ceilings, but in most cases, that just means a lot of empty space above your head. The massive shelving unit takes full advantage of the extra area, letting you stack books all the way up to the top and including a ladder for quick, if precarious access to every level.

Living Rooms That Sport A Book Collection

These homes make their impressive book collections a focal point of the design. The results will be beautiful to any bookworm.


Pretty, Contemporary Interiors

Designed Svetlana Nezus uses her 3D skills to create classically pretty but ultimately modern interior looks.

rolling bookshelf

Small Modern Home Visualization

Polish designers have created a visualization for a small modern home that makes it feel creative and classic, but never stuffy.

The weather in India can be exceedingly hot (assuming it's not monsoon season). But staying indoors is no way to spend a vacation. Instead, visitors at this hotel can enjoy tea or a light meal on a shady patio overlooking the property's lush gardens.

Indian Splendor: Luxury Property Photography by Natalia Kaul

This collection of photos from some of India's most beautiful hotels will transport you to an exotic holiday without setting foot ...

1 Pirate CT scanner

Pirate Theme CT Scanner Makes Things Less Scary for Kids

A New York children's hospital has decorated their CT scanner like a pirate ship, making a scary experience a little more fun.

colorful pop art apartment

Apartment Designs Shown With Rendered 3D Floor Plans

Apartment design layouts in 3D created by designers Shako Gurgenidze and Dmitriy Schuka.

This apartment space is used as a combination bedroom and living room. But because of the floor to ceiling windows and the clean design, the space isn't too small or cluttered. The black and white artwork combined with the wood textures make the space feel uniform and stylish.

Interior Designs Filled with Texture

Architect and founder of AT Design Ly Anh Thi creates warm and inviting spaces for homes of all sizes.

Japanese rock sand garden

Japanese Zen Gardens

A post covering common aspects involved in designing a Japanese garden. Includes rock gardens, moss gardens, koi fish ponds, japan...

Reading Rooms Image.5

Beautiful Reading Corners [Visualized]

A short collection of beautiful reading corners.

modern design living room

Apartment Living for the Modern Minimalist

Sleek, modern yet minimalist apartment spaces are the new trend.

IKEA 1989 Catalog

IKEA Catalog Covers from 1951-2015

Cover of every single IKEA Catalog since 1951!

unique texture wall