Here you will find designs classified according to their style. Classic, Modern, Contemporary, Country, French style, Italian, Spanish, Oriental, Chinese, Japanese, well… you get the drift.

A large mirror propped against a bare wall helps move the natural light around the space, and make walls disappear.

Ando Studio Designs, Inside & Out

Gorgeous designs by Ando Studio to inspire design throughout the home, courtyard, and garden.

japanese minimalist design

Japanese Style Interior Design

Japanese Interior Design: Traditional zen philosophy inspires the simplistic, natural essence found in minimalist architecture and...

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Compact living room layout

Super Small Space Living: Inspiration IKEA

Great ideas for creating practical and stylish layouts for even the tiniest of rooms.

A low level central fireplace is reminiscent of a cozy patio fire pit, evoking fresh air summertime memories of roasting marshmallows and late night story telling.

Open Air Inspired Fireplaces

Superb collection of focal point fireplaces, ideal for modern home designs and original layouts.

Modern loft layout

White Lofts

Cool, chic and contemporary, these white loft apartments are the perfect hangout for young professionals and hipsters.

This impressive visualization by Iskander Khodzhaev uses a rich depth of color throughout it's interior, which is picked up in the planting of an internal courtyard installation. A punchy red accent runs between the two spaces, visually tying them together with a cheerful tone.

Homes with Small Courtyards

Ideas on how to create your own little oasis in a city central setting with the installation of a small courtyard.

There's nothing like snuggling up next to a roaring fire with a good book!

Reading Spaces

Flick through this catalog of reading spaces, perfect places for relaxation and study.

Modern black sofa

Artists’ Studios in Modern, Eclectic & Vintage Styles

Get all arty with your interiors with this set of artists studio designs.

This compact studio apartment packs in an art collection propped along a picture ledge to breathe life into the laid-back lounge space.

White Studio Apartments

See how to add interest to a predominantly white studio apartment space, to achieve a cohesive and attractive result.

White coffee table

Asian Inspired Decor and Accessories

Exquisite interior design inspired by a distinctly Asian influence, filled with elegant silhouettes and delicate pattern.

Cream brown white lounge

Crisp and Contemporary Home Designs

A menagerie of modern interior design schemes to inspire your next decor plan.

Gray white lounge sofa shelf

A Room Decorated In Two Distinct Styles

Are you torn between great interior styles for your home? This dual design approach provides great food for thought...

Conservatory dining room

Youthful Interiors

Stacks of unique styling to breath new life through your home interior, by Sayeed.

Neutral living room L shaped sofa

Modern Design in Modest Proportions

Super stylish solutions for modern homes made in modest dimensions.

The specially selected furniture is crafted to include detail upon detail, with each piece demanding more adoration than the next, and a huge chandelier provides the crowning glory.

Really Regal Interiors

A splash of regal style adds a royally luxurious atmosphere in this collection of traditional home visualizations.

The blonde flooring in this concept comes in the form of marble effect tiles, practical for cooking and eating areas, and is softened by a deep pile rug in the lounge.

Modern Minimalist Black and White Lofts

Monochromatic decor sets a contemporary tone in these cool open plan design schemes.

This pull-out dining design, by Alno, may look like a lightweight worktop extender, but features sturdy seats that can cope with loads up to 100 kilograms and a very generously sized table top that simply slides away after dinner.

Saving Space at Home – Some Ideas

If you find yourself a little pushed for space, take a little peek at some of these design solutions for compact homes.

Our chaotic homes are calling out for a temple-like peace, serene Buddha sculptures have traveled far and wide, becoming equally popular in Western homes for this very reason.

Asian Inspired Interiors

Create a zen-like calm in the hustle and bustle of your modern home with eastern inspired decor principals.

Purple yellow white bathroom layout idea

Cubism In Interior Design

Contemporary compact apartment visualization with unique colorful styling reminiscent of cubism.

Wood paneling entertainment wall lounge

Sophisticated Elegance of Chinese Interiors

Interior design ideas for a sophisticated living room, dining room, kitchen, or bedroom, in elegant color palettes.

Blue wallpaper Taupe Brown curtains bedroom

St.Petersburg Apartment with a Traditional Twist [Visualized]

Traditional room design renders by Anton Valiev. Classic schemes for the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and den.

A continuous flow of living areas was created, with the large contemporary living room flowing into a modern dining area, and finally a minimalist kitchen that can be closed off with two sliding doors of white glass. With a seamlessness enabled by one cohesive color scheme, the minimalist interior achieves a relaxed feel within its highly styled decor.

Red & White Apartment

Contemporary apartment with striking red and white minimalist design in the living room, kitchen, dining room, bathroom and hallwa...

Via Proyecta 3D StudioTo add a little more punch, try adding wall panels in black, or brown-black materials, a wall mounted entertainment unit is a great option as it will also blend a dark flat screen TV in with the design.

Black & White Interiors

A collection of black & white interiors to inspire your home. Monochrome living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms.

20 Yellow Living Room

Yellow Room Interior Inspiration: 55+ Rooms For Your Viewing Pleasure

Blast a ray of sunshine through your home with these yellow room schemes. Includes more than 50 rooms that use yellow.

In true Scandinavian style the walls remain a vast white canvas, on which colorful splashes of modern art and interesting prints are hung to add zest and personality. Furniture upholstery also adds to the Swedish paint box, along with carefully arranged books and ceramics; accessories are kept neat and tidy to retain the uncomplicated look, and the pale scheme successfully reflects the generous amounts of natural light for an ultra sharp result.

Scandinavian Style City Living

Superb digital renders, by Industriromantik, show city living in laid back Scandinavian style, filled with natural light and simpl...

Never underestimate the power of layering; neat layering builds a homely feel, so add a rug beneath a coffee table and a few cushions to the sofa to add warmth and pops of color.

Bachelor Pad Ideas

How to tips on creating a bachelor pad to be proud of. Images of cool and professional spaces to inspire your man den.

zen kitchen and courtyard

Modern Japanese Kitchens

A set of beautiful Japanese style modern kitchens from Toyo Kitchens.

small dining space

Moody Melancholic Interiors

Bulgarian artist Plamen Nedev's visualization of some gray, gloomy and pensive interiors. Truly inspirational.

pixel couch

Pixel Inspiration in Decor

If you ever wanted to be inspired by the tiny dots that make up your screen, you will love this. Includes pictures of interior acc...