Here you will find designs classified according to their style. Classic, Modern, Contemporary, Country, French style, Italian, Spanish, Oriental, Chinese, Japanese, well… you get the drift.

beach theme home

Beach Color Home Accents

Cheerful color stories for two modern apartment designs, incorporating tropical sea blue, sand and sunshine yellow.

This black and white interior vision is a striking loft in the complex 'Scheibler' in Lodz, with a useable area of 64 m2. White washed brick walls form a blank canvas, and a huge black sofa parades the perimeter.

Interior Design In Black & White

A huge gallery of black and white room designs for insatiable monochrome decor desire!

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Beneath the chunky aged beams of this room lies a layout of modern pieces perched on area defining rugs. Two powder blue accent chairs prevent the rooms palette from becoming too stale, and an injection of green is brought in with the plants and artwork.

Beautiful Parisian Apartments

A cool collection of French interior design over a number of Parisian homes.

The first stop is the still in progress Lipki apartment, a flat in the old district of Kiev, Ukraine. Inside this dwelling we find a very minimalistic look with stark white walls and low level contemporary sofa. The only color in the entire lounge space come from a little detail in the propped up poster art.

Sophisticated Room Designs with Stripped Back Style

Simplistic decor schemes for the living room, kitchen and bathroom, set in four contemporary homes.

Orange sectional sofa

Cool Home Designs with Warm Accents

Monochrome apartment schemes that have been infused with a blast of orange or yellow accents.

A green accent chair in the entryway continues the fresh accent color from the dining area.

Beautiful Minimalist Interiors

Fresh and funky home interiors with minimalist lines to inspire your decor.

Glazed walls

Three Contrasting Home Designs

Neutral decor schemes executed in three different interior design styles.

Our first home is from the designers at Russian-based firm Nordes. They have described this look as "deconstructed origami"

Futuristic Interior Design

These futuristic designs take risks and create spaces that are challenging yet comfortable.

Inside, once again we see an open, minimalist living space with ladders leading to more private nooks.

Japanese Minimalist Home Design

The designs of these Japanese homes favor space and simplicity over furnishing and extravagance.

The living area serves a dual purpose. The mounted television provides area for entertainment while the convertible bed/sofa is a place for entertaining as well as sleep.

Modern Japanese House

With an ever-present mind towards space efficiency, this modern Japanese house makes use of every square foot while maintaining a ...

regal ballroom

Regal Interiors

CG artists create decadent interiors with chandeliers, vaulted ceilings, and luxurious texture at every turn.

Japanese rock sand garden

Japanese Zen Gardens

A post covering common aspects involved in designing a Japanese garden. Includes rock gardens, moss gardens, koi fish ponds, japan...

Natural modern decor dining room

Taiwanese Interior Design

Find a curated collection of stunning Taiwanese interior design. From minimalist living rooms to serene organic bathrooms, these s...

Hoang Minh, while still true to the Nordic style, expands the ethos to include different fundamental materials such as concrete and steel and takes an altogether warmer approach to styling befitting a hip industrial café. The walls are peppered with rustic wooden cabinets that house multi-colored reading materials while windowsills and corners are adorned with indoor plants.

Nordic Interior Design

There are as many names for Nordic design as there are variants of it and even more disciples of the ethos scattered around the wo...

Brick Wall Studio Apartment by Stephan JAKLITSCH : GARDNER - open plan exposed beam living dining

Brick Wall Studio Apartment Inspiration

All too often is exposed brick seen as something to be concealed, but these images from designers who have harnessed its potential...

c Urban Apartment with Terrrace- white and chocolate entertainment living terrace

Urban Residence with Charming Terrace

This space personifies the warm side to modern interior design and demonstrates principles to be incorporated in an effort to avoi...

luxury chinese style home

East meets West: An Exercise in Interior Adaptation [100 Images]

100 Images that show off Continental styles implemented within typically Chinese design philosophy.

urban furniture ideas

Hip, Young Personal Buyer Profiles Inspire L.A. Loft Decor

L.A. design firm Incorporated NY offer sophisticated young home buyers a visual of what their life would look like in one of their...

A large mirror propped against a bare wall helps move the natural light around the space, and make walls disappear.

Ando Studio Designs, Inside & Out

Gorgeous designs by Ando Studio to inspire design throughout the home, courtyard, and garden.

japanese minimalist design

Japanese Style Interior Design

Japanese Interior Design: Traditional zen philosophy inspires the simplistic, natural essence found in minimalist architecture and...

Compact living room layout

Super Small Space Living: Inspiration IKEA

Great ideas for creating practical and stylish layouts for even the tiniest of rooms.

A low level central fireplace is reminiscent of a cozy patio fire pit, evoking fresh air summertime memories of roasting marshmallows and late night story telling.

Open Air Inspired Fireplaces

Superb collection of focal point fireplaces, ideal for modern home designs and original layouts.

Modern loft layout

White Lofts

Cool, chic and contemporary, these white loft apartments are the perfect hangout for young professionals and hipsters.

This impressive visualization by Iskander Khodzhaev uses a rich depth of color throughout it's interior, which is picked up in the planting of an internal courtyard installation. A punchy red accent runs between the two spaces, visually tying them together with a cheerful tone.

Homes with Small Courtyards

Ideas on how to create your own little oasis in a city central setting with the installation of a small courtyard.

There's nothing like snuggling up next to a roaring fire with a good book!

Reading Spaces

Flick through this catalog of reading spaces, perfect places for relaxation and study.

Modern black sofa

Artists’ Studios in Modern, Eclectic & Vintage Styles

Get all arty with your interiors with this set of artists studio designs.

This compact studio apartment packs in an art collection propped along a picture ledge to breathe life into the laid-back lounge space.

White Studio Apartments

See how to add interest to a predominantly white studio apartment space, to achieve a cohesive and attractive result.

White coffee table

Asian Inspired Decor and Accessories

Exquisite interior design inspired by a distinctly Asian influence, filled with elegant silhouettes and delicate pattern.

Cream brown white lounge

Crisp and Contemporary Home Designs

A menagerie of modern interior design schemes to inspire your next decor plan.