This section includes general ideas to decorate your home. Topics include wallpapers, wall print, 3d murals, curtain designs, season specific decoration, house plants and the like.


Stunning Quilling Designs By Yulia Brodskaya

Illustrator and paper artist Yulia Brodskaya creates fantastic quilling designs. Check out these gorgeous images for paper quillin...


Modern Wallpaper for Your Room Walls

Modern wallpaper adorns different styles of residential and commercial spaces.

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Decorative magnetic panels that add personality to your furniture

A set of creatively inspirational magnetic panels which can be stuck on top of existing furniture to produce beautiful designs


Karim Rashid Door Prints

Karim Rashid designs cool door print designs for interiors.


Indoor Plants that Purify Air in Living Spaces

A list of beautiful and air purifying plants to have indoors (includes inspirational pictures). Has details about living room plan...


Hot New Ideas for Wall Sticker Art

Wall-Print does customizable art stickers for easy application on your walls.


Winners from Google’s Wall Art Contest

Stunning wall arts created by Google employees around the world


Stunning Artwork: Famous Personalities & Scenes Recreated from Tape & Paper

Artwork seen on Flickr created with cassette tape and paper.


Retro Modern Wallpaper Delight

Graham and Brown pay attention to the trends of today and create some smoking hot wallpaper designs


An Interior Design Project for A Family Entertainment Center

Fancy interior design project that creates family entertainment centers. [Has beautiful fairy tale themes for kids]


Interior Decoration with Markers (?)

A gift shop decorates something grand with a simple black marker.


What insanely creative people do with waste newspapers

An artist's way of recycling the creative way - Stunning newspaper sculptures


Awesome Pixel Art Decor Pieces

Sculptor Shawn Smith creates harmony between the digital world and our natural world.


Idea Paint: Turn Your Whole Home Into a Big White Board!

IdeaPaint transforms surfaces into white boards. The special paint can be used be used in schools, offices and homes to foster cre...

world cup shaped mug glass

Soccer Decor: Ultimate Inspiration For The Football/Soccer Fan

Football/Soccer specific decor to show off your football savviness.


Geeky Wall Decals

Beautiful and Geeky Wall Decal Ideas and Designs from Blik. (Pictures Included)


Beautiful Color Paper Sculptures

Amazing art from paper made by one of the top paper sculptors.


Beautiful Wall Stickers from Harmonie Intérieure

A set of beautiful Wall Stickers from French company Harmonie Intérieure that can alter the mood of a room


Photo Tiles for Kitchens and Bathrooms

beautiful photo tile murals


17 Stunning Life Forms Created from Waste

beautiful ways to recycle and reclaim waste


Recycled Home Decor

Making the best from waste, recycling all the way!


Christmas Interiors

A post dedicated to Christmas interiors and the changes they can bring to your home.


Christmas Decorations at The White House

Pictures and video on how White House prepares for Christmas


Cool Wall Decals from Walltat

A different take on wall art from Walltat.


Bedroom Decorations for Christmas

Various duvets, quilts, bedsheets and other bedroom essentials from Pottery Barn that are sure to make this Christmas delightful. ...


Cute Calendar Designs for 2010

A set of calendar ideas for the New Year so you don't have to worry about losing your schedule.


Awesome Wallpapers from Kredema

A set of wallpapers that induce life into monotonous rooms. Literally.


Wall Decor: Trendy Infographics

A post that shows how infgraphics can be used as wall decor with examples and beautiful illustrations.


30 Crazy Cool Halloween Pumpkins

Images of inspirational halloween pumpkins that you could try carving.