Vietnamese Interior by Grand Design

We love this cool, contemporary interior model, by specialist furniture and interior architecture consultants at Grand Design, Vietnam. The breathtaking views at the floor to ceiling windows of this villa are coastal city Nha Trang, capital of Khanh Hoa, known for its pristine beaches and fantastic scuba diving. Whilst artwork has been used to add interest to the laid back simplicity of the white walls, the neutral palette in this space allows the seascape beyond the glass to remain the focal point, with the furniture arranged to take in its beauty. The cool tones are perfect to create a relaxing environment in a hot Vietnamese climate, and simple lines, reflective surfaces, and hard floors bounce light around the open layout. Generous white drapery frames the large windows and softens the modern space, luxurious yet clean and uncomplicated. Elements of dark wood add warmth and depth to an otherwise bleached scheme, whilst unusual light shades and accessories bring texture and personality. Large rugs form islands of comfort, and define living areas, whilst a split-level floor allows every opportunity to appreciate the panorama. Each room in this beachside paradise harbors a flat screen TV, though we're not sure we would be tuning in when there are views like these to look at!

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