Living and Sleeping Areas Exist in Harmony in these Comfortable Studio Spaces

When it comes to our concept of what constitutes a home - its living room, its bedrooms, its dining areas - it really depends on how we grow up. The suburban child may grow up with her own bedroom, canopy bed, and private en suite bath while a child in the city is used to sharing a bedroom with her sister and a bathroom with her parents. But still, most of us find the maximum comfort level with walls that separate the distinct areas of the home, particularly the bedroom. The designs featured here take the comfortable idea of a separate bedroom and challenge it. They are studio apartments with living and sleeping areas closely intertwined, if not completely overlapping. The designers have managed to make this concept comfortable through the use of meticulously chosen furniture, cozy design elements, and careful consideration as to how the residents of these homes will move through and exist in them comfortably, without the need for more walls.

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