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Breathtaking Villa Incorporating Boulders In Its Design

Now here is something you don't see very often. A house built right into a mountain. Let's be clear - it is not a structure built on top of it but built right around it. The boulders that form the mountain are actually imposing visual elements in the villa's overall design. It also lends a strange sense of context to the overall geography surrounding the house. This villa truly connects you to the exterior terrain in every way with thick, granite boulders encompassing the modern, architectural masterpiece in places you wouldn't expect to see them. A natural color palette and materials give it a rustic feel, but the modern conveniences of surround sound, climate control and automated blinds will spoil you rotten. This quirky sprawling home in South Africa is listed as a holiday rental villa on Capsol and it will set you back by $4300 (₹2,54,000) per night.

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