Bakery and Wine Shop Interior Design

The IL Lago Bakery and Wine Shop inside the MVL Hotel in Goyang City, South Korea is impressive and commands your view as your enter the hotel lobby. Designed with large sculptural arches and column style shelving and counters, the design is reminiscent of European architecture. Because the shop is located in the back of the main entrance, the designer really did a great job at still calling attention to it regardless of where it was located in the hotel. It is an imposing design with historic elements which were modernized creating one grand bakery. Everything is displayed beautifully here, and the layout is open and chic. Wine racks on the walls make the wine accessible and easy to locate. The bakery items can be seen throughout the space on the column-style shelving and on the pedestal counters, also designed to look like the base of a column. The white furnishings contrast with the black ceiling which really makes the products stand out.

The entrance is the entire width of the shop with the arched sculptures framing it. The entrance is very inviting and makes you want to take a peek inside at what this shop has to offer. IL Lago presents itself as a classy, high-end bakery and wine shop and this is possible with a modern twist on classical architecture.

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