The Ornate Opulence of a Bygone Era

We don’t normally feature hand drawn sketches or water painting illustrations of interiors here. Then, again, water paintings are not normally *this* good. These photorealistic visuals of the opulent interiors of Winter Palace in St. Petersburg were captured in watercolour by artist Konstantin Ukhtomsky in the 18th century, leaving an invaluable lesson on how too much is never enough when decorating a palace.

The Malachite Hall.
ornate opulent russian palace 18th century highly decorative

One of many reception rooms.
reception room opulent russian palace ornate ceilings

An extremely grand stairway-what a way to make an entrance!
stairway grand opulent russian palace painted ceiling

The library
library ornate ceilings russian palace

library russian palace opulent decorative ceiling

St. George Hall-A room truly worthy of a throne.
St George Hall opulent grand russian palace

The Grand Duke Nikolai’s Study.
study russian palace masculine opulent
A serious room using sombre tones-very masculine.

study alcove russian ornate palace patterns
The Grand Duke obviously loved his dogs

The Greek Sculpture Hall
sculpture hall russian palace grand decorative ceiling
Fabulous ceiling and a timeless colour scheme. (I wonder if the dogs were allowed in here?)

The Concert Hall.
concert hall grand opulent russian palace
Imagine how magnificent this room would look lit by those fabulous chandeliers. The parquetry floor is stunning.

The Coin Storage Hall
coin storage russian palace opulent decorative ceiling
Sure beats a money box.

The Gallery of Jewellery
jewellery gallery opulent russian palace
When you tire of choosing jewellery you could admire that incredible ceiling.

The Grand Duchess’s Room
feminine opulent russian palace fabric pink room
Yet another way to dress a ceiling, drape it in fabric. The flower garland carpet and pink colour scheme exudes femininity.

In an era when artisans were highly valued, nothing was left undecorated. From ceiling to floor no detail was overlooked and nothing was ever too much, but somehow it works and the sheer opulence and pageantry of it all can still take your breath away.


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