Colorful Living Room Sofa Sets

If your are on the lookout for bold, colorful living room furniture check out German company COR. Not only do they stand out due to their not-so-common hues, but you will find a variety of shapes that you probably wouldn’t find anywhere else. These sofas can bring about an air opulence to any room and thanks to their unconventional looks, they can easily serve as a room focus. The only thing you need to be a bit careful about is ensuring that they don’t completely overpower your room. Check them out below.

violet sofa

red sofa

orange sofa

black green sofa

sky blue sofa
No prizes for guessing who is the star of this blue couch living room.

brown sofa

blue sofa

sofa accents

white sofa furniture

living room rug black

grey sofa

dark sofa set

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