Elevated Swimming Pool With Glass Walls

Building a big home on a small lot always presents the conundrum of getting the most bang for your buck while keeping the essence of luxury living intact. The home we feature today is a residential structure that was built for a young family located in an urban city of Argentina. This project was a collaboration between architects and client that challenged them to come up with well designed solutions in creating an urban oasis with elements to balance nature and city life.

The pool was the biggest obstacle in formulating a good plan because of the constraints of light, shade and visibility. Initially it was right next to the living room where it received too much shade and was later shifted to the far end where it received optimum sunlight. But a security fence that came up later again disrupted the light and the only way for the designers to ensure good light was to raise the pool. But this posed another problem. The soothing water view would be obstructed for the entire ground floor, if they decide to raise it. The answer to this was to provide a partial transparent glass wall to the pool, which makes the water visible from nearly any corner of the home. Check this beauty out…

They wanted to build a relationship between the interior and exterior spaces, so they provided an open floor plan left open to the elements.

The handsome modern outdoor chairs provide a place to relax, recline, and lounge – an enviable way to soak up the sun.

Since they had to elevate this sleek pool for optimal light, space and privacy, a glass wall was incorporated to visually connect both worlds.

This beautiful stone wall runs along the entire ground level providing an earthy texture and visually draws you through the home complimenting the parallel grassy yard.


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