Home of the legendary designer Eero Aarnio

If you are reading this blog, there is a good chance that you do not require any specific introduction to Eero Aarnio. The Finnish interior designer has produced some of the most iconic modern furniture pieces of the 1960s (Ball Chair, Bubble Chair, Pastil Chair, just to name a few) and his work graces art museums the world over. We have pictures of his beautiful home near Helsinki, Finland which seems to be loaded with designer items! The interiors are vibrant with lots of color and the house seems to be in a terrific setting within woods. Aarnio believes in no barriers between work and play and this is quite evident from the way the house is styled. He has numerous studio spaces spread around his home and there is hardly a space that doesn’t reflect the nature of ‘work’ he is into.

arnio bubble chair

eero aarnio home office
The dino toy creates a nice accent for the home office.

eero arnio designer living room

designer library

aarnio office

aarnio living fireplace

designer dining room

aarnio ball chair

aarnio toys home
Aarnio is still actively involved in furniture and toy design. That particular design above is ‘The Puppy’.

aarnio house exterior

Images Via: Eero Aarnio and Rachel Smith

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