Cool Attic Spaces and Ideas

Most attics live and die without ever having an identity of their own. If planned well, they can be put to good use. The attic can be transformed into an office or a lounge. It can either act as your study or just a room where you can chill out. If you are an artist, the room can be a great place to brainstorm. Its basically the seclusion of it from the rest of the house which makes it such a big hit. If you have been toying with idea of what to do with your attic take a look at the pictures below. You can apply a fresh theme to the room(like the car room) or use very rusty colours to give it a worn out, old vintage feel. Whatever you choose, the place which once was smelly won’t be the same anymore.

1 attic place
The Estate of Things

2 attic space
House Dreams

3 attic all white

4 attic space
Anton Lepashov

5 attic space

6 attice space

This is from a house we covered more in detail here: Beautiful French Country House
7 attic space

8 attic space

9 attic space

10 attic space

11 attic space

12 attic space
Cars themed kid attic

13 attic space

14 attic space

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