A Church Remodelled into a Residence

Known for their master renovations of factories, homes and even schools, Zecc has taken remodeling to a new level. After handsome renovations at various locales, the company has remodeled a church into a home.

Keeping the ambience of the church in mind, Zecc has reinstated similar features in the house as well. Crisp white walls and furniture further highlight the sanctity of the premises while the tall ceilings let the house retain its church like looks. No additions have been made on its exterior structure but that has been compensated with chic and modern fittings inside, which make it seem palatial.

A unique idea in itself, this house has been awarded the Dutch Design Award 2008! It has been featured in various publications as well. For more of their work, visit their site

church remodeled- upper floor

church remodeled- staircase

church remodeled- side view of the kitchen

church remodeled- bathroom

church remodeled- lounge area

church remodeled- side view

church remodeled- kitchen

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