Beautiful Georgian house in London

A home is a place to relax, go crazy, meditate, play, sleep and what not! It hardly matters if it is small or big but if you find yourself lounging comfortably then you know you belong there.

Whether you adorn your walls with loud colors or ones that mesmerize you, place artifacts that belong to the civil war or have been picked up from the flea market and decorate it with expensive ornaments or ones you buy at exhibitions, your heart is where your home is!

This home below, captured by Light Locations, a photographic location agency providing picturesque photos to the film and photographic industry, is pleasing and alluring because the warmth it generates is anything but fake. Or maybe it is the pictures that get the job done.

These photos are bright and inviting and capture the essence and simplicity in each picture.


the living room

the kitchen

Unique kitchen pendant lights with birds in them add a bit of whimsy! A beautiful trash can with foot pedal is provided for easy waste disposal.

the cabinet

the bed

the bathroom

the bath

mirror by the stairs

living room- up close



in the house


childrens room

The colorful multi arm floor lamp help add interest to the corner.

breakfast table


the stairs

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