Inspirational Kitchen Designs From Alno

Alno‘s kitchens characteristically reflect the ‘german efficiency’ while being stylish in their design. One of their interesting features is the way they sometimes use textures on the kitchen wall.

kitchen wall decor

kitchen wall decor

kitchen wall tile

kitchen wall tile

kitchen wall tile

Here is Alno’s design philosophy:

Modern kitchen design is all about using creative, individual and unusual design alternatives in order to create the most efficient use of space. There are various different kitchen shapes which, depending on the size and layout of the room, embrace the principles of the so-called work triangle as a practical arrangement of sink, fridge and oven and represent extremely sensible and practical solutions.

single line kitchen

The single-line kitchen is suitable for rooms with only one partition wall. Set-forward work areas and deeper base units can easily create more work and storage space.

two line kitchen

The two-line kitchen makes the best use of the available space. A distance of at least 1.2 metres between the two kitchen lines allows unrestricted access to the base units.

l shaped kitchen

The L-shaped kitchen can be used in a variety of ways. In large rooms there is even space for a dining table. Carousel fittings for corner units give access to storage space right into the furthest corner.

u shaped kitchen

The U-shaped kitchen is reliable and practical. It is ideal for both large and small rooms and provides maximum work surface and storage.


The island kitchen is ideal for large, as well as open-plan rooms. Here the island unit constitutes a separate work surface, but still makes the kitchen feel wide and spacious.

Are these a bit too modern for you? How about some retro kitchens then?

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