Green Living Rooms

Designers normally use the following lines for the client pitch if they are to favour the colour green:

Green is life. Abundant in nature, green signifies growth, renewal, health, and environment.

But if they want the client to move away from green, they would suggest that green signifies jealousy, envy and inexperience! Anyways, we thought it’s been a while since we featured a set based on colours. We will get that out of our conscience with this post on green living rooms.

green living room
by Diego Reales

green theme room
by Ciprian

green couch
Vu Khoi

pictures of green living room
by Tayfun

living room green
by Rudy


green living room
by Michael Johnson

green colored room
by Gorge

green interior design
by Frank Roop

green themed interior
by Frank Roop

green living room
by Frank Roop

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