World’s Most Unusual Christmas Trees

It is Christmas Day! What have we got for you? Go, on peel that cover! Yeeeah…It is a round up of the world’s most unusual Christmas trees!!

Some of the trees out there really turn your perspective up side down:

upside-down christmas tree

Some go spiral…

spiral christmas trees

spiral christmas tree

Over the years, we have seen people use innovative items to shape up their trees which include books…

book christmas tree
Photo by Anders



bicycle christmas tree
Photo by Benjamin Lee

…bird cages(?)….

birdcage christmas trees
Photo by pbr42




candle xmas tree

…french fries…


…pencil shavings…




…beer bottles…

beer bottle christmas tree

Here is the video:(Email reader use this link to view the video:

… and even mountain dew cans.

mountain dew christmas tree

The knitted christmas tree would interest you if you are into this sort of thing:


Moving on to geekier trees… :)

Organic Light Emitting Diodes are considered by many as a technology that could transform the future of the lighting industry. As a sign of things to come, GE recently announced the world’s first OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) Christmas tree at its research centre in New York:

OLED christmas lighting

Here is a video:(Email reader use this link to view the video:

Even if it may look a bit too geeky for home right now, like we said, this could very well be a taste of things to come.

Have a 9V battery lying around? That’s all you need to light up the Motherboard Christmas Tree.


Just when you thought you have seen every possible USB device, someone invents the USB powered christmas tree:


The Pacman Tree:

This year Sharp unveiled a 26-foot tall Christmas tree in New York’s Grand Central Station constructed out of 43 televisions.


Geek not good? How about ‘expensive’?


This diamond studded tree sporting about 400 diamonds offered by Takashimaya Store in China will cost around 8.6 crore rupees ($1.8 million approx).

And if you prefer a slightly cheaper one, take a look at this tree from Steve Quick Jeweller which costs about 2.4 crore rupees ($500,000 approx). If you are wondering why, it is made out of five pounds of solid 18K gold, with a 4.52 carat stone set in a platinum star that adorns its top.


Mukesh got himself a Boeing last Christmas. We wonder if he might be interested in one of the above two. On second thought, he might not, considering the state of the economy these days. The recession itself has spawned quite a few frugal christmas trees, like….

….Houseplant Christmas trees…

houseplant christmas tree

…Christmas trees made from ladders…

ladder christmas tree

and even tripods!


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That’s it from us, guys. We at Home-Designing wish all our readers a Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!

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