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mid-century-sofaThis unique Brazilian home uses sleek wooden box shapes to create a home made of spaces that fit together perfectly. Hence its nam...
An outdoor lounge is also available for relaxing in the fresh air with guests.A contemporary home formed from three volumes of cantilevered concrete, featuring freijó walls and a private pool.
Marcio Kogan's Casa Lee Concrete House- pool at night with wooden deckingSurrounded by lush palms and manicured lawns, this Brazilian residence cuts an imposing figure in its landscape but facilitates a ...


Contemporary homeAlthough not made of chocolate, the Toblerone house in Brazil is full of great taste!
Whilst not exactly a child friendly area, due to the obvious lack of a safety boundary, the roof decking provides a perfect platform for entertaining a more adult crowd-providing not too much balance compromising alcohol is involved!Shortlist qualifier of the Housing category in the 2012 World Architecture Festival, the V4 House by Studio MK27.
house pool lighting nightA spectacular house in Sao Paulo, Brazil designed by Marcio Kogan. Set in open layout with stunning views of the pool.