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A low level central fireplace is reminiscent of a cozy patio fire pit, evoking fresh air summertime memories of roasting marshmallows and late night story telling.

Open Air Inspired Fireplaces

Superb collection of focal point fireplaces, ideal for modern home designs and original layouts.

Other dividing double sided designs are seen jutting into a living space from a side mounted flue, allowing the omission of a vertical chimney completely, and therefore resulting in unobscured views from one end of a multipurpose room to another.

Fabulously Minimalist Fireplaces

Sleek lined fireplaces, wall mounted, dual aspect and side flue designs to divide or enhance your living spaces.

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SAIL Boat shaped fireplace

Creative Fireplace Designs

Fireplace creators Acquaefuoco introduce new, innovative pieces including triangle shaped installations and sail boat inspired fir...


Fireplace Mantels and Surrounds

Tips and pictures of beautiful fireplace mantels and surrounds. Includes lots of inspiration.


Classic Italian Fireplaces from Savio Firmino

Fireplaces that inspire. Luxurious and classic detailing make them perfect for all homes.


Beautiful Fireplaces

Inspirational pictures of fireplaces