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A minimalistic white slab takes on extra character with the incorporation of a blue splash shaped hollow.

30 Extraordinary Sinks That You Will Not Find In An Average Home

A modern mix of unusual bathroom sinks: Glass, wood, tiled, grated and concealed wash basins.

Modern bathroom with natural elements

Modern Bathrooms with Spa-Like Appeal

A list of expansive bathrooms that induce a spa like sense of luxury.

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black bathroom basins

Unique Bathrooms by ArtCeram

Unique, modern bathrooms by ArtCeram. including coffee cup shaped basins and cow print sanitary ware!

black and white bathroom

50 Modern Bathrooms

50 stunningly beautiful modern bathroom designs from an Italian designer. [Must see pictures]

awesome faucet

Creative Faucets and Sinks

Creative Faucets and Sinks, sinks, faucets, creative faucets