Superhero Wall Shelves for Kids of All Ages

As far as mainstream entertainment goes, there seems to be nothing quite so popular recently as the superhero franchise. Every time you drive by a movie theatre marquee, there is another superhero movie debuting and ultimately raking in the dough at the box office. It’s no surprise why these movies are so popular — they give children and adults alike an exciting escape into a world where things are as simple as good vs. evil and usually, good gets to win. The popularity of these film franchises, as well as the television shows, merchandise, and of course comics that go along with them have also led to a demand for superhero home decor. In this post, we’re featuring a number of wall shelves, all based on the logos for famous superheroes or superhero collectives, designed by visualizer Burak Doğan. Take a look.

Unfortunately, for now these are just visualizations by the artist and are not available for sale. But if you are looking for purchasable superhero themed home decor do check out our post on
Superhero Home Decor For Themed Rooms And Parties.

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