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The perfect kitchen doesn't have to take up a lot of space. This small kitchenette is tucked away underneath a lofted living area, maximizing the square footage of the room. Utilizing the space both under and above the appliances means even this pocket kitchen has plenty of storage for the essentials.

Nordic Kitchens

Norway-based design firm Norema has created a whole portfolio of beatuiful, modern kitchens, each with its own distinct personalit...

As long as we're browsing the Snaidero site, we couldn't resist posting these modern looks from the "Board" and "Code" lines as well.

Modern Italian Kitchens From Snaidero

These modern kitchens from Italian designers Snaidero create sleek lines and a clean feeling without skimping on the necessities l...

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The floor to ceiling windows in this living room makes it feel almost like a luxurious aquarium, looking out on the much larger world.

Spacious Modern Living Room Interiors

A living room doesn't need a lot of square footage to feel comfortable and spacious. These ones come in every size and each is bea...

Our first home is from the designers at Russian-based firm Nordes. They have described this look as "deconstructed origami"

Futuristic Interior Design

These futuristic designs take risks and create spaces that are challenging yet comfortable.

Inside, once again we see an open, minimalist living space with ladders leading to more private nooks.

Japanese Minimalist Home Design

The designs of these Japanese homes favor space and simplicity over furnishing and extravagance.

sunny white living room

Warm Contemporary Interiors

3D artis Koj creates a series of sleek, contemporary spaces just begging to come to life.

Even a small bedroom has space for seating. Small cushions and a cozy chair nestled in one corner make this a comfortable place to be, even if you're not ready for sleep.

Small Bedrooms Use Space in a Big Way

This bedroom roundup proves that just because a bedroom does not have a lot of square footage does not mean you have to compromise...

The cabin itself actually spans a river, balancing atop heavy stone columns and giving unparalleled views of the surrounding forest.

Bridge House: Home Across A Stream

This rustic cabin spans a river and offers a beautiful, warm retreat from the cold mountain winters.

The contrast of bold colors like pink with neutral white and gray keep this bedroom young and playful without being offensively bright.

Transformable Space Saving Kids Rooms

Italian design company Clei makes the perfect addition for any kids room: beds and desks that fold, transform, and save space whil...

cozy living room

Stunning 312 square feet (29 sq meter) Micro Apartment

What this Poland apartment lacks in space it makes up for in sleek modern design and creative storage ideas.

aviation decor

Apartment Design For Pilot & Aviation Enthusiast

This Polish apartment is serene and simple with creative elements of aviation that make it a unique home for a lawyer and pilot.

whimsical bedroom decor

Playfully Colorful Interiors

Portico Design Group creates interiors with a distinctly clean and modern aesthetic but incorporates pops of colors beautifully fo...

fun modern storage

Beautiful Modern Office Renovation in Stockholm

The newly renovated HSB offices in Stockholm Sweden show us how an open office can be inviting, practical, and fun.

white living room

Light and Dark Apartment Design Inspiration

While there are plenty of ways to use bright creative color in interior design, sometimes the challenge of largely monochromatic d...

Porcupine Paper Clip Holder

10 Household Objects Shaped Like Living Beings

These adorable household objects bring boring office supplies and practical kitchen gadgets to life.

aerial view mansion

Hawaiian Oceanfront Mansion With Spectacular Views And 50m Lap Pool

A spectacular oceanside home in Hawaii features a helipad, Olympic swimming pool and central elevator.

mountain cube cabin

Minimalist Home In The Mountains

This Japanese mountain cabin offers retreat by way of different cube variations, resulting in a truly spectacular and creative int...

open kitchen

Sparkling Urban Apartment Design

This carefully designed apartment shows how growing families can not only survive but can thrive in an urban environment.

sunken living room

Ultramodern, Sleek House With Sharp Lines

With luxury comforts and carefully chosen furniture, this modern house is both stylish and welcoming.

Gated off from the road, guests have to come in through a gate and courtyard before even getting to the front door. But once inside the home, you have to ask: could this entry BE any more spectacular? Sitting right on the ocean, visitors get views from any angle along with the ocean sounds and smells that create a luxurious climate all around.

Matthew Perry’s Malibu Beach House

Former Friends star Matthew Perry quietly purchased this Malibu beach house two years ago, but today we get a glimpse inside.

sunny living room

Home Visualizations Take You Back to Nature

These home designs from Ando Studio not only work around the natural elements that surround the houses, but incorporate and celebr...

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An ebook featuring 40 spectacular homes from around the world.

This urban industrial apartment has vaulted ceilings, but in most cases, that just means a lot of empty space above your head. The massive shelving unit takes full advantage of the extra area, letting you stack books all the way up to the top and including a ladder for quick, if precarious access to every level.

Living Rooms That Sport A Book Collection

These homes make their impressive book collections a focal point of the design. The results will be beautiful to any bookworm.

The living area serves a dual purpose. The mounted television provides area for entertainment while the convertible bed/sofa is a place for entertaining as well as sleep.

Modern Japanese House

With an ever-present mind towards space efficiency, this modern Japanese house makes use of every square foot while maintaining a ...

regal ballroom

Regal Interiors

CG artists create decadent interiors with chandeliers, vaulted ceilings, and luxurious texture at every turn.


Pretty, Contemporary Interiors

Designed Svetlana Nezus uses her 3D skills to create classically pretty but ultimately modern interior looks.

rolling bookshelf

Small Modern Home Visualization

Polish designers have created a visualization for a small modern home that makes it feel creative and classic, but never stuffy.

bohemian interior design

Colorful and Funky Interiors [Visualized]

East Asia-based 3D artist creates a fun and vibrant interior visualization.

1 monochrome grey living room

50 Shades of Grey: Design Edition

3D designers create a comfortable yet modern interior for this Smolniy Park apartment.