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IKEA 2014 Catalog [Full]

IKEA furniture company's 2014 catalog. Download links included as well.


Fresh Modern Designs From Andrey Sokruta

Refreshing take on modern design. [Visualizations]

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metal sculpture jeremy mayer 2

Awesome Typewriter Assemblage Sculptures

Artist Jeremy Mayer creates amazing sculptures built entirely from vintage typewriter parts including a life-size woman, animals, ...

A common element in all of Leung's bedroom designs is atmospheric lighting. Here he illuminates the bed and media center display with recessed spotlights.

Synergistic Modern Spaces by Steve Leung

Architect and interior design Steve Leung creates contemporary spaces centered on modern lifestyles with living spaces from luxuri...

A gallery art wall adds height above a low-profile sofa taking the eye upward toward the soaring ceiling.

Five Apartments by Koj Design [Visualized]

Vietnamese interior designer Koj creates visualized spaces for contemporary and minimalist spaces from high-rise apartments to sma...

A city rooftop plays host to a dramatically-lit yet fun outdoor living space with life-size chess board.

Outdoor Living Spaces by Harold Leidner

Harold Leidner creates stunning architectural landscapes as well as inviting outdoor living spaces. His work spans every style fro...

monochrome lounge with light organic accents

Enduring Inspiration from Vic Nguyen

Beautiful visualizations from Vietnam based designer Vic Nguyen

This house is set among the trees but anchored to the Earth by wood beams and concrete forms.

Sustainable Treehouse Community in Costa Rican Jungle

Finca Bellavista is a community of interconnected sustainable treehouses set high in the trees of the Costa Rican jungle. Simply a...

Tuananh Eke's oriental sunken dining in wood with bonsai and view to bamboo and ricepaper doors

Vietnamese Visualizations with Commendable Concepts

These visualizations depicting the work of a Vietnamese designer are more indicative of interior composition than technical qualit...

living room floor to ceiling glass wondows

Visualizations from Triple D Designs

From the industrial to the commercial and into the home, Triple D Designs specializes in creating visualizations of modern spaces ...

Dwell indoor fish pond viewed from rich wooden staircase

Homes with Indoor Ponds

These individually stunning images are linked by many common elements, but they all make a feature out of decorative bodies of wat...

A Ukraine pizzeria features charming accents of natural stone tile, green wood pickets, exposed air ducts, and multi-layered tables.

16 Brilliantly Lit Interior Visualizations

16 interior visualizations reflect a sense for interior lighting that is both fresh and welcoming. Rooms shown here include a beac...

A particularly captivating element within this space is the principal pendant light that like the chrysalis of an exotic butterfly, crowns the relaxed lounge and creates a similar ambiance to that which is emitted by the neutral palette of the sofas and the haute design appeal of the deconstructed and quilted 'Eamesesque' chair with ottoman.

Industrial Loft With Organic Traits [Visualized]

This loft submission from RIP3D is both traditional and organic, which makes for an uncharacteristically softened space.

living room beige

Chic Contemporary Spaces Rendered By Anh Nguyen

Talented interior visualizations by a Viet Nam based designer.

Exterior vertical garden wall children play courtyard

Vertical Gardens

In an increasingly built-up habitat vertical gardens may be a way to enhance both a home and a life.

Custom Pool Area- outdoor lounge patio

External Sitting Areas

Each of these projects from Rolling Stone Landscapes illustrate the versatility of external spaces and provide inspiration to be a...

Triple D- Modern Monochrome Green Apartment living dining lowset coffee table

Visualizations of Modern Apartments that Inspire

Modern interior design allows for innumerable variations that make spaces unique and it is the medium of visualization that is the...

vintage white living with crimson floral display

Floral Arrangments You Could Try This Spring

Whether your style is minimalist, modern, masculine or feminine, find out how flowers can do more than brighten your day and your ...

The Big Bang Theory

Floor plans of homes from famous TV shows

Floor plans and details of homes from Friends, The Big Bang Theory, Sex And The City, Two And A Half Men, How I Met Your Mother an...

Feminine artwork and delicate modern furnishings fill this girl's bedroom.

Uniquely Intriguing Interior Spaces by Vic Nguyen

Vietnamese designer Vic Nguyen creates wonderfully welcoming interiors filled with eclectic elements, layers of texture and unexpe...

modern villa with pool and view

Corsican Mountain View Villas Visualized

A concept borne of the landscape, these luxury Corsican villas represent all that is valued in modern design.

organised cool contrast darkened apartment living steve leung

High Gloss, High Contrast, High Drama Interiors

Starkly contrasting interiors, Steve Leung Designs are a play on day and night.

house built into hill moonlit pool front

Edgeland House Returns to the Earth

A sophisticated modern interpretation of a traditional Native American Pit-house.

White storage closets

New Furniture Designs Come Out of the Closet

Brand new bedroom furniture from Brazil: Monochrome and pastel colored wardrobes showcased in amazing settings.

Floating staircase

Modern Style Architectural Renders

A gallery of modern interior design ideas to inspire contemporary spaces.

Brown cream living room

Vibrant Interiors by Sava Studio

Colorful accents and deep earth tones add depth and personality to these neutral backdrops.

White living room design

Resplendent Design from Katarzyna Kraszewska

Interior design ideas for throughout the entire home, with crisp modern styling and layout ideas.

Screen Shot 2013-02-10 at 8.27.37 PM

Home Designing Store Launched

The Home Designing Store - Our take on products!

Modern living room diner

Artistic Interior Renders by Art Ann

High-end home design for rooms throughout the home, oozing sophistication and class.