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Floating staircase

Modern Style Architectural Renders

A gallery of modern interior design ideas to inspire contemporary spaces.

Brown cream living room

Vibrant Interiors by Sava Studio

Colorful accents and deep earth tones add depth and personality to these neutral backdrops.

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White living room design

Resplendent Design from Katarzyna Kraszewska

Interior design ideas for throughout the entire home, with crisp modern styling and layout ideas.

Screen Shot 2013-02-10 at 8.27.37 PM

Home Designing Store Launched

The Home Designing Store - Our take on products!

Modern living room diner

Artistic Interior Renders by Art Ann

High-end home design for rooms throughout the home, oozing sophistication and class.

Brown rug

Warmth in Subtle Tones

If you appreciate subtlety in tones but like a little warmth in your decor, then these interiors are just for you.

This basement space shows it doesn't take a lot of square feet to create a wine cellar of stellar proportions.

30 Basement Remodeling Ideas + Inspiration

Basement remodels can add a wealth of living space to lifestyle. Many types of rooms can be created for a plethora of purposes suc...

terrace landscaping

Innovative Landscape Design for Country and City Dwellings

With the unique talent of integrating the built structure with the natural environment, Rees Roberts + Partners bridges the divide...

modern country home

The Brilliant Design Work of Uglyanitsa Alexander

Russian designer Uglyanitsa Alexander intuitively creates living spaces that are reflective of his client's desires coupled with h...


Home Designing’s 10 Most Popular Posts of 2012

Year end round up of our most popular posts from 2012.

The irregular shape of this bespoke desk quietly diminishes into the wall paneling.

Interior Mastery by Marc Canut

A menagerie of masterful home visualizations, including ideas for the lounge, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom areas.

Sunken bathtub

A Cluster of Creative Home Design

For a collection of home makeover ideas to suit many tastes, check out this lot by designer Olga Kataevskaya.

amazon warehouse design

Inside Amazon

Inside the warehouses of the world's largest ecommerce site.


Welcome to the new Home Designing!

We usher in a new layout and bring responsive design to Home Designing.

Red leather sofa

Pure Talent from Pure Render

Gorgeous interior and architectural visualizations to feast your eyes upon!

Via Savills

High Ceiling Decorating Ideas

Our guide on how to make the most of high ceilings and dual level living spaces with long window treatments and eye-catching chand...

Via Archinteriors vol. 27Luxurious lighting arrangements are all important in interiors without boundaries, clusters of smaller pendant shades or large statement lights help to create zoning in wide open spaces, drawing the eye to the center of each allocated area and encouraging a visual pause. Apart from the aesthetics of your decorative shades, task lighting must be considered for practical reasons-you don't want to be carrying a lamp from area to area with you!

Studio Lofts

Fabulous loft layouts to inspire your open plan spaces. Luxurious lighting ideas and furniture placement flow.

Indoor outdoor living

Total Class From Total Environment

Beautiful interior and exterior inspiration from Bangalore based firm. Ideas for living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and patios.

White living room

IKEA 2013 Catalog

New augmented reality catalog from Ikea for thier 2013 collection of fresh Scandi-stye homeware.


100 Beautiful Bird Sculptures Made Out Of Paper

Flock around and take a gander at this whimsical collection of paper-craft bird sculpture by Diana Beltran Herrera.

Attics are commonly harnessed as extra sleep space, and they do indeed make great bedrooms for either children or adults; a small child shouldn't have too much trouble living with a slightly reduced ceiling height, and a floor hugging platform bed can provide the perfect dimensions under low sloping eaves, ensuring an adults head doesn't meet a ceiling beam with a bump each morning!

Attic Spaces

A selection of stylish attic rooms to provide solutions to the problems brought by awkward sloping ceilings and unusual wall heigh...

This must be fun!

Library Designs

Pictures of libraries rendered out by designers for a giveaway organized by Ronen Bekerman.

A dual level home library is the thing of dreams for the bookworms amongst us! Long runs of bespoke shelving house an extensive collection, with a desk providing a study area upstairs, whilst a modern L shaped sofa gives opportunity for long lounging reading sessions below.

Beautiful Designs by Svetlana Nezus

A collection of visualizations to inspire style throughout the entire home, covering traditional, modern, and eastern influenced d...

When thinking of picture perfect homes, Taher thinks of romance and elegance, luxury and opulence, all set in a warm dappled sun drenched haze, over the sophisticated perfection of traditional good style.

Dreamy Spaces Rendered By Muhammad Taher

Mansions, villas, and poolside dreamscapes to whisk you away from cold reality!

white scandinavian living room bookshelves

Photographing For Catalogs: Petra Bindel

Beautiful photography by Petra Bindel, for the bespoke String shelving system, in fresh Scandinavian style.

2 Contemporary architecture pool

Contemporary Exteriors in Nature [Visualized]

We take a look at the contrast of contemporary architecture situated in natural surroundings.

Large glass panels retract to allow the flow of sea breeze throughout the sales office, to keep the customers cool, comfortable and enjoying the prime location; the panels are completely concealed within the wooden walls for a truly inside-outside atmosphere, but allow the space to be enclosed and kept dry during the months of the raining season.

Swanky Sales Office of Condominiums by the Sea

This office in Thailand brings seaside luxury to working in sales, with ocean views, abstract landscaping and nautical theme deco...

courtyard design inspiration


Courtyards of exterior and interior design create a serene nature space in which to relax.

Wood paneling has came back on trend with a bang, and this example of how to maintain a contemporary look against a panel backdrop is both slick and fun, with sudden splashes of bright clashing color, and industrial reflective furniture at interesting angles to the room.

Fabulous Interior Photography By Favaro

Photographic renders by Favaro, showing modern interior design schemes for living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and home office spaces...