This section includes general ideas to decorate your home. Topics include wallpapers, wall print, 3d murals, curtain designs, season specific decoration, house plants and the like.

Larger stones, shells, and fossils can add important pops of color and texture.

Breathtaking Stone Mosaics Turn Nature Into Art

Stone mosaics and murals from Art of Ancient Stone, which was created by two dedicated and truly talented artists.

This room manages to create separate spaces without walls by focusing the furniture in the center of the room for an intimate conversation space.

Beautiful Wood Flooring

Natural wood flooring coupled with modern furniture can be appropriate for many types of homes and even retail establishments.

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This first space explores an open plan lounge through to kitchen area, where we can see the main feature of the piece is an entire wall painted in chalkboard paint. Not only is this wall treatment a great place to dream up your own original quirky wall art that can change on a whim, but it creates a practical surface on which to scribble notes and reminders.

Homey Feeling Room Designs

Four sets of beautiful home design with lovely touches for practical living.

Try strings of different shaped lights for a fun arrangement.

Outdoor Christmas Decoration

A collection of Christmas decoration ideas for outside of you home, on the door and in the garden.

Option one gives the open plan layout an IKEA style makeover, complete with chunky dining chairs, cheerful accents, and flat weave area rug.

Interior Design Based On Budget: Two Designs for Two Budgets

Two designs for the same space that explore what can be achieved when using budgets at opposite ends of the scale.

Designed by visualizer Andrey Volkov, the look builds slowly with a minimalistic living room scheme that gathers its warmth from the rich wood tone of the entertainment feature wall.

Apartment Design For Young Man & Woman

One masculine apartment design and one feminine design, to suit a bachelor or bachelorette lifestyle.

To begin with a neutral palette, like this creamy sofa and rug ensemble, we can see that the series of swatches across the canvass picks up not only the paler hues, but works through the spectrum to tie in every shade right through to the black accent cushions. Of course, your wall art doesn't have to appear as a spectrum, but look for pieces that work all the way though your color story, from light to dark.

Home Decorating with Modern Art

Stunning examples of modern wall art, and how introducing it to your home design can work wonders.

bolefloor wood

Bolefloor Curved Wood Panels: Floors as Nature Intended

Bolefloors present natural wooden floors that are curved, just as nature intended wood to be.

Found object art Coat hangers wall art creative

The Art of Hanging Art

Wondering how to hang art ?This article offers both beautiful and practical solutions to the hanging and display of art in any hom...

vintage white living with crimson floral display

Floral Arrangments You Could Try This Spring

Whether your style is minimalist, modern, masculine or feminine, find out how flowers can do more than brighten your day and your ...

metallic christmas decor

Christmas Centerpieces

Christmas centerpieces offer a lovely way to add a beauty to your holiday table. We've shared a myriad of images of this not-to-be...

Modern decors don't have to be cold and unwelcoming during the holidays. Adding a Christmas tree, candles and a few festive Christmas baubles can amp up the welcome factor in a contemporary setting.

Indoor Decor: Ways to make your home festive during the holidays

Freshen up your holiday decor or start from scratch with our holiday indoor decorating ideas for every style decor.

Christmas cards become charming mantel décor along with a simple white lighted wreath.

Christmas Mantel Decor Inspiration

Christmas mantel decor is a popular seasonal tradition that adds a beauty to the any room. From simple to extravagant, there is no...

Modern feminine lounge decor

Modern Rooms with a Feminine Touch

How to add a softer touch to cold contemporary interiors, using pattern, color and twinkle.

Forget the patent wars with Apple,  Samsung's test lab uses some of these drawings as cool art murals, both interesting to look at and fitting with the theme of their surroundings.

10 Unusual Wall Art Ideas

Are you getting a little bored of the your boring old plain walls? Then check out these ten tips to add a bit of wow!

Modern terrariums

Terrific Terrariums & Tiny Cacti

Miniature planting ideas for inside and outside of the home, all contained neatly in manageable sized vessels.

Via Poetic Home

Bonsai In Interior Settings

Bring a little life into your home in the form of a majestic bonsai tree, pruned to perfection.

Fuss free layouts get a hit of added freshness with the addition of lush greenery.

Fresh Neutral Interior Design Schemes from Katarzyna Kraszewska

Calming neutral decor for living rooms, dining room schemes, bedroom design and bathrooms.

Above 2 via Blalank Studio

Unique Wall Texturing Examples

A stunning set of textured and back-lit feature walls to add pzazz to your living and sleep spaces.

Modern combined living room diner decor

Precious Interior Detailing

Unexpected and beautiful home detailing, to bring intrigue to any decor scheme.

Purple white lounge bar patterned wall tile

Top to Toe Ceramic Tiles

Tiles make a sleek and stylish covering for any expanse of wall or floor. We take a look at ceramic wallpaper and rug-like looks.

Busy geometric prints, illustrative animals, and patterns made of pastimes populate the collection in soft colors to spark your child's imagination with dreams of being a dolphin trainer or a helicopter pilot!

Cute & Quirky Wallpaper for Kids

Wallpaper a fresh new look into your child's bedroom or play space with these fun designs full of color and pattern.

large crystal chendelier led strip lights

Exquisite Wall Coverings from China

A selection of enchanting murals, pretty wallpapers and decadent wall decals from China.

Now this style of wallpaper will not be for everyone, but some of these designs form murals that can be appreciated by most as a striking piece of art. Images from Latin-American folklore are brought to life with enchanting characters in vivid color, you might spot a very stylized illustration of a Little Red Riding Hood reminiscent tale amongst them, complete with a big bad wolf.

Beautiful Illustrative Wallpapers

Intricate Illustrative Wallpapers by Catalina Estrada: character murals, floral patterns, geometric and bird designs.

The green living creations reach a peak of perfection, and usually only last up to 6 months before the original creative vision is lost altogether and rescaping is needed. In these images we find dramatic scenes inspired by grassy fields, mountains, forest streams and oceans, with asymmetrical hardscapes structured in driftwood and rock.

Nature Aquariums and Aquascaping Inspiration

Stunning Japanese nature style aquascapes by the renowned Takashi Amano. If you have ever dreamed of creating an aquarium, this is...

Coffee vinyl wall decal

Vinyl Wall Decals

Try some vinyl wall decals to liven up a plain wall or a boring corner in your home, with abstract designs, blossoming trees and f...

deer shaped ribbon

Decorative Ribbon Wrapping

Some wonderful ideas to decorate your gifts with fancy ribbon wraps.

fairy wall stickers

Kids Wall Stickers

Kids room wall stickers that will brighten up your day!

blue red poster prints

Retro Poster Prints

Cool retro & vintage style poster prints from an Etsy shop. (Scandinavian prints, typographic prints and eye chart poster prints a...