Architectural Concept of a Glass Box Home

Created by an Evermotion member Woongja12, this glass box style home may not be the most practical, but is certainly different and takes the ideas of architecture way out of the box. The cantilevered complex itself is enclosed by stone walls and a gated entrance. Underneath the box is an outdoor living area complete with a living room, dining area and a kitchen that is open to the elements. A large set of open stairs takes you from this outdoor level inside the box, which is open to the sky and hollowed out in the center. The inside design is simple and open with the front of the home being all glass. The actual box part of the home is two floors and is very colorful with blue kitchen cabinets and green and purple accent walls. The center area which is exposed is surrounded by deep blue panels. The wood and stone materials give it a natural feel while still keeping contemporary which matches the architectural concept.

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