East meets West: An Exercise in Interior Adaptation [100 Images]

This flawlessly executed selection of interiors may seem mysteriously miscellaneous. The collection of living, dining, bedroom and the odd office space, is clearly influenced by competing continental styles, such as Art Deco, Rococo, Versace and Renaissance, but they have more than one fundamental element in common. Obvious is the precision with which each of these interiors has been constructed, the perfect balance achieved within, and the harmony exuded by the individual spaces. Review of the interrelated concepts of precision and the even interchangeable: balance and harmony, reveals a clue as to their origin. The design philosophy central to all of these images is intrinsically linked to the culture that produced them. They are of course, Chinese.

Many Asian cultures are those of master craftsmen and it is no coincidence that the manufacturing sector has its roots in China. The Chinese design industry may take inspiration from long-established European styles but their implementation seems equally long practiced.

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