Realistic Interior Visualizations by Thang Nguyen

Designer Thang Nguyen brings sleek, modern elegance to the beach with his realistic interior visualizations for this stunning pad. His visualizations of perfect symmetry, clean lines, and utter simplicity, make this an especially special place to relax.

A small sitting area adorned with white chairs and an alcove leads to the garden.

The window of the entertainment room is purposefully massive to allow as much of an outdoor view inside as possible.

The other rooms combine spaciousness with soothing tones of grey and white.

The bedroom is adorned with soft grey curtains that hang to the floor and a fuzzy white rug you imagine would feel the same as fluffy cotton beneath your feet.


The living area is a fluid, perfectly streamlined space with white walls and beautiful, birch wood floors.

The office is a combination of earthy shades and white, and offers yet another large view of the leafy landscape. The slightly rough texture of the walls, which are adorned with plain white rectangular book shelves, makes one feel even more connected to the nature outside.

Nguyen’s interior visualizations are not overwhelming, cluttered, fussy, or busy–they are natural, unpretentious, and sleek, deliberately designed to make what is most important, the surroundings of beach and forestry, stand out.

A simple patio with pale hardwood flooring and a glass fence is the perfect setting for relaxation and clearing your mind.

In other areas of the house, Nguyen blends the outdoor with the indoor.

The open white bedroom leads to a massive balcony practically spilling out to the beach.

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