New Interior Design Trends Are Revealing

These photos by Uydurrukcu reveal some new patterns in interior design and space design after the global recession and green movement. First consider that these photos illustrate that minimalism doesn't always equate to modernist design. In fact spaces are designed more with efficiency in mind than strict, often cold, austerity. Most of these illustrate a return to traditional styles and a new appreciation for modesty in size and materialism. Simple colorful adornments add warmth, just as a rehabbed fireplace does. Various styles of faux-wood (often considered eco-friendly) plank floors and numerous windows generate still more warmth. Simple, meaningful art seems to add congeniality. Green room and otherwise open floor plans take advantage of modestly sized spaces. White appears to be making a big come back, and especially when combined with various hues of beige, they can bring real character to any room.

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