Rustic Dining Room Furniture

If the kitchen is the heart of a home, then the dining room must be the stomach! Let’s face it, the style and ambiance of your dining room influences your guests’ dining experience and almost always makes your meals taste a little better, if decorated with a little TLC. Rustic decor almost always tells the story of a home well manicured and where old furniture is kept well and alive. The perfect dining room should evoke a relaxed inviting feeling while shaking up your appetite for a divine cuisine throw down! However, there are certain elements particular to a rustic dining room that guarantee your dinner parties will put Martha Stewart to shame.

Below are some fabulous HD finds by the eloquent styles of Roche Bobois, as well as some friendly tips to help you refine your decorating skills in a rustic dining space.

Tips for setting a Rustic Dining Room

The Rustic look is a perfect balance of masculinity and femininity. You take the simple and unsophisticated woodsy elements of country living and add a feminine touch by complimenting and giving each piece a voice.

Keep your walls and furniture light in weight and color, unfinished and whimsical in nature. Think bare essentials, and the more imperfections the better!

With dark wood or contemporary dining furniture you can transform the style with a nice weathered look by sanding it lightly or painting it a creamy pastel color first and then sanding it.

Add textural interest with a soft faux finished wall, an antique area rug, or by stenciling a simple pattern on the doors of your hutch and/or buffet.

If your resources are limited you can use whatever furniture you do have and accessorize with rustic objects. Throw a handmade crocheted or lace tablecloth over a buffet for an authentic touch or hang dried flowers in artistic way on the wall.

It’s OK to mix old with new objects like taking a colored glass bowl and filling it with acorns or pine cones. You can also fill a ceramic vase with wildflowers and set it on the dining table for a rustic tone. Just remember, thoughtful simplicity is key…


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