Contemporary Kitchen Design

Contemporary kitchens give us an enormous amount of leeway when it comes to the creativity we put into designing them. There are are certain rules of compliance in order for one to function properly but once that is established, the plethora of ideas and aesthetics available to materialize it are virtually endless. And when food is the central focus of family life, the openness needed to interact with those outside of the kitchen is becoming just as essential as the space needed to float around freely within it. The kitchens from Dadaweb which we feature today reflect this philosophy.

This open kitchen provides full exposure to the living room and potential guests.

Some of these kitchens explore the ‘live-in’ concept. That is one big space!

The natural light accentuates the tall ceiling giving the appearance of a super spacious kitchen.

This space cleverly conceals the form of a kitchen and appears to double as an office!


I think we will call this the kitchen with the LC4 Chaise Lounge!

Are we EVER going to get a kitchen with a view like that?

Some fun thrown in on this one!

This kitchen would work nicely in a studio apartment and brings in modern elements with stainless steel and concealing sliding doors.

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