Modern Italian Kitchens from Cesar

Kitchens by far outnumber all the other rooms we cover. One reason for this is the sheer number of quality makers out there that compete over each other in providing a multitude of options to consumers. Italy alone contributes a fair share of makers and it appears that there is a design house at every corner in this part of the world!

One can imagine just how difficult it would be to stand out if are designing kitchens in Italy. But Cesar, the company whose designs we feature today, seems to be doing all right. Their range of modern italian kitchens are sleek, chic and bring a much needed breath of fresh air to kitchen making. The color palette ranges from white to deep maroon. Silk lacquer, stone, steel, laminate, Corian, ice lacquered glass tops all lend a feeling of glossy smoothness.

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colourful kitchen

classic kitchen

beige black kitchen

modern brown kitchen


modern green kitchen

modern classy kitchen

modern island kitchen

modern white kitchen

modern kitchen basics

modern kitchen worktable

modern steel kitchen

modern minimalistic kitchen

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