Interior Photography From Pia Ulin

Swedish photographer Pia Ulin clicks some delightful pictures. Her photos of surreal interiors serve not only as amazing art pieces, but also as inspiration for your own space. Whether you live in a reconverted space, or a tiny city apartment, many of her photos feature urban dwelling in small space. Her use of color contrasts sharply with stark white living spaces, but all of her photographs make amazing use of light.

Many of the spaces seem very Swedish and strongly influenced by furniture from IKEA, yet also retain a unique style and comfort with homey influences.

Browsing through her photos gives you many great ideas for your own space, whether you starting new or need to add some pop.

white tent with flowers

creative clothesline

cluttered kitchen space

white room


99 white balloons

bedroom storage

lace in space

modern kitchen with storage

pretty in pink bed

rumpled bed

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