16 Designer Bathrooms for Inspiration

Having an opportunity to visit a spa, to let the scented aromas fill up your senses and to unwind and let someone give you a heavenly massage while you close your eyes and flow with sooting tunes is a rare thing to do for most of us. But what if you have a space at home that provides you a similar kind of experience?

Today, we feature a list of 16 inspirational bathrooms to tingle your senses. Look at any one of them below and you will find one thing in common – elaborate attention to detail. Be it the intricate bathroom wall decor, ceiling artwork, or the seemingly unreal floor lighting, each one of them has something special thrown in. We could argue for ever about how utilitarian some of these designs maybe, but there is no denying the class they seem to ooze.

designer bath flavius


bathroom by pczech


Bath interior by voodoo butta

Voodo Butta

Bathroom by Alienmatos



Master Bathroom by Semsa


bathroom by athaliasovie


Citraland Bathroom by deguff


Chinese bathroom by Lionshima


interior 48i by Zorrodesign


bathroom by voodoo butta v1

Voodo Butta

master bathroom by cuanz


Z Bathroom by artzen01


Z Bathroom v2 by artzen03

Same bathroom as the above one, but different view.

Bathroom by Basaran


bathroom wip final by voodoo butta

Voodo Butta

Casa Michael Bathroom Bali by Danur


bathroom by jinkazamah


Looking to spice up your own bathroom? If you have a small sized room, accessories are a great way by which you can add extra-interest. Do check out these unique faucets, sinks and toilet paper holders that could add some flair to your bathroom.

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