White House Interiors

The White House which has been up for a make-over since January of last year now stands transformed reflecting the taste of the First Family of US. We had previously reported that Obama hired LA based designer Michael S Smith to design a new look.

The Oval Office has now become Obama’s personal den which he has decked with artefacts reflecting his taste. The loaned pieces of pottery from the Native Artists Museum adorn this illustrious place and so does the framed ‘I have a dream’ speech of Martin Luther King Jr.

It is a well known fact that each president adds a bit of his personality into this celebrated house. Be it the bowl of fruit lying on the coffee table or his family pictures that spruce up the table behind the desk, each subtle shift in the design renders the grounded facets of Mr. Obama. And the family’s casual style and choice of affordable yet classy interiors has transformed this feted house into a family home.

mr obama at the entrance of the oval office

obama at his desk

obama at work in the oval office

obama looking at one of the paintings in his office


obama sitting at his chair and brooding oval office

obama with michelle and staff member

obama with michelle walking down a whitehouse corridor

oval office diningroom interiors

the beige couch oval office

redroom whitehouse interiors

whitehouse blue decor

the coffee table decor

whitehouse corridor

whitehouse dininghall decor

whitehouse interiors oval office

whitehouse livingroom interiors

a playful moment at the oval office

first formal governers meet arnold shwarzenegger

enjoying a private moment with wife michelle at governers meet

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