Stunning Pictures of Dubai (New)

We can’t but help wonder what Dubai will be like in another 20 years. I mean what more CAN be made possible? The tallest building, the largest shopping mall and various other landmarks of the world have made Dubai their home. The construction feats seem to be ‘out of the world’ to say the least.

You may all be familiar with these transitional images of Dubai that were distributed all over internet a couple of years ago.


This was Dubai in 1990


The same street in 2003


The above snap is from 2008. Some would say that the city peaked during this time and things began moving downhill from there considering the crisis it faced in 2009. The dune-turned-glittery city and its economy were taking a hit and there was little that was being done. We as design lovers would like to think otherwise and hope that the city would be back on its feet again pushing the limits of technology and architecture.

Meanwhile this post is about the fresh images that have arrived which captures in meticulous detail the progress of the city. These images are courtesy of Sergey Dolya the ace travel photographer who captures the essence of the cities he tours and brings out those facets which most ignore.

city of dubai - architecture


city of dubai - birds eye view

city of dubai - buildings

city of dubai- from the top

city of dubai - aerial view

city of dubai -into the horizon

city of dubai- famous buildings

city of dubai -expanse of settlements

city of dubai - view from the top

city of dubai - smaller settlements

city of dubai - settlements

city of dubai - reclaimed land aerial view

city of dubai - reclaimed land

city of dubai - reclaimed islands

city of dubai - private islands

city of dubai - impeccible city

city of dubai - famous structures

city of dubai - extended to the horizon

city of dubai - city pictures

city of dubai - a different view

The Burj Dubai is set to open on 4th January 2010. Here is a video:

For more you can visit the photographer’s homepage.

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