Fancy Salt and Pepper Shakers

Update: For a more comprehensive list of salt and pepper shakers you can buy right now, do check out our post: Unique Salt And Pepper Shakers

Using fancy salt and pepper shakers add a bit of spice to your dining experience and if you are into this sort of thing, you could consider starting a collection. Here are some novel ideas for salt and pepper shakers that we came across.

Seeing the set above, we are kind of relieved to know we weren’t the only ones out there who flunked chemistry.

Animal shapes are pretty common it seems. You see all kinds of animal themed shakers.






Then there are the supernatural shakers…

…including ghosts…

…hugging ghosts(?)…

…and those that depict the Angel Vs Devil Concept

And sometimes, it is not Angel X Devil, it is more of Angel ♥ Devil

Then there are those shakers for the self-indulgant:

Wine Bottle Shakers

Vodka Bottle Shakers

Cigarrete shakers by Myan Duong

Cocaine and Heroin Shakers (Geez! we better draw the line here!)

Some of the shakers cater to your likes and hobbies…

Music Fans would love Fender Electro Lounge shaker…

This one is for the photo film lovers.

Another one for the die-hard Formula 1 fan. It would cost you about 1 Lakh rupees(~$2200)[Via]

The Renault F1 Salt and Pepper Shakers are made out from the gearbox oil filter housing of the French Formula One car. The material is silver-plated aircraft specification aluminum.

Then there are the landmark shakers…

Here is one that adds a bit more functionality besides spraying salt and pepper: Spoon and fork!

Designed by Enoc Armengol

Here is a sleek looking magnetic set designed by Anju Dixit [Via]

To close this post, we will leave you with a question…

What do you make of the image shown above? What does it show? Reply in your comments…

Check this post, tomorrow to find out the answer. (Hint: It is not another salt and pepper shaker!)
*Update: We have decided to withhold the answer, until we get more guesses!

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