Amazing Halloween Pumpkins

UPDATE: We have made an update to this post with more cool halloween pumpkins. You can see it here:

We had already posted an extensive video tutorial on how to design your own halloween pumpkin but thought we would give you some inspiration to get you working.

Some of the pumpkins out there are plain terrifying…


by Billy Hutch

by Thinking Man

by Brandi Tressler


Some are funny…

by Philip Hay

by 21H

by Carrie

Some are cute…

by asp_tamer

by Kevin

by William

Some fall under fan art…

by Randy Cox

by Kevin

by Plankskate

by Michael Cramer

Some promote brands…


Here is one that even drives a campaign…

by David James

And here is one that is G33KY…

Photographed by John Resig. In the words of Christopher Pickert the creator, “Since Halloween is the perfect time to celebrate the black arts of web development, I carved a special jQuery pumpkin last night. ”

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