Rooms with a Dash of Color Splash

White rooms are completely versatile and can either create a modern sophisticated feeling of serenity or make a fun artistic impact on the energy of a space with a splash of color. The rooms featured below provide a white canvas for an intriguing pop of colorful textiles and accessories that anchor a wall and create beautiful central focal points of interest upon entering. This simple clean style is pretty popular in the region of Northern Europe and apparently pretty difficult to fudge up.The blog Scandinavia With Love has an excellent set of some of these gorgeous spaces for design inspiration. Here are some of our favorite picks:

In this bedroom the vivid blanket on the bed grounds the white floor and helps define the space since there is no clear distinction between walls and floor.

Here, basic accessories like books and a cluster of graphic clocks provide all the color this room needs.

Throwing a group of different citrus schemed pillows and curtains together provides interest but maintains clarity by continuing with solid white as a background color.

What a creative and tidy way to organize your colored pencils while creating a colorful accent wall piece!

A splash of yellow on the wall is the focus here but also balances the other smaller colorful accent pieces on the floor.

Blue and orange are the accent colors which layer this room nicely by covering all bases from the wall to the bed to the floor.

This gorgeous kitchen has bright rainbow colored cabinets that will surely wake you up in the morning…

Although this looks like a coloring box, it is indeed a checkered colored dresser!

An expansive book shelving unit allows sparse splashes of color to be dispersed for their own pop of interest while maintaining unity as one colorful furniture piece in a white room.

In a white room, anything that isn’t white “pops” and that adds interest whether by texture, form or size.

These bright cubed cubes call just enough attention to lead the eye to the huge windows beside them, and beyond for the beautiful city view.

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