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Who we are

If you are new to Home Designing, introductions are long overdue! Founded in 2008, Home Designing is an online magazine covering architecture & interior design. With a combined followership of 4 million+ users on the many social media channels, we are one of the world’s most socially followed design blogs. Expanding on our expertise in hand picking great visuals, we now offer architectural visualization as a service.

Our services

  • Interior rendering
  • Exterior architectural rendering
  • Product rendering

How we can help you

You are adept at finding creative solutions to your clients’ space needs. Unfortunately not all clients are architecture savvy enough to understand technical drawings or even plain CAD renders that they do not find captivating. How often have your project failed to make an impact with the client because of the final presentation? Worry no more. We can make your design concepts pop with photorealistic visuals that will truly enable your clients to appreciate your work.

Our process

We follow a simple 7 step process from start to delivery. At any particular instant you can find which stage of the project we are currently in and track its progress using our project management dashboard which you get access to as soon as we begin work.

  • 1

    You send us your requirements

  • 2

    We send you an estimate.

  • 3

    If we have an agreement on the price, you make the payment.

  • 4

    We begin work.

  • 5

    We deliver a rough 1st draft and work on the changes you propose.

  • 6

    We deliver a 2nd draft and make final tweaks as per your requirements.

  • 7

    We deliver the final product.

Let's work together

So are you ready to woo your clients with superior visualization of your ideas? Get a no strings attached free quote from us by clicking the ‘Get a free quote’ button below. You will be able to upload your requirements and we will get back to you pronto with an estimate.

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    Project Files

    If you have more than one file related to the project, please compress them into a single zip file before you upload. You may upload plans, sketches photos/renders, layouts, written descriptions and technical data. Attach files with the scheme of furniture arrangement, ceilings scheme, flooring scheme, lighting scheme, walls schemes. If necessary load the files with textures. The more accurate and clear the information, the better the result would be. Once you are done, click the ‘Send Requirements’ button below:

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