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A low profile media center stretching across the wall in the living space can be seen here.

Neutral Contemporary Apartment by W.C.H Design Studio

W,C.H. design studio creates contemporary spaces for relaxed lifestyles with comfortable furnishings, surprising architectural ele...

This living and dining space view shows the long hallway behind a smoky glass wall leading to the staircase beyond.

A Multi-Level Contemporary Apartment

A small design studio produces some epic modern and contemporary spaces with multi-levels, fresh mix of materials and light and ai...

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A large piece of wall art is allowed to speak volumes in this serene setting.

Asian Apartment With Neutral Decor

The subtlety of this neutral home interior reaches a modestly modern outcome without being overly slick.

The platform bed of this room is framed in such a way that the headboard continues along the window wall acting as a desk and onto the opposite wall as a dresser.

Modern Semi-Minimilist Design

Asian inspired home by Taiwanese firm WCH Interiors.

Also kept low-lying is the open-ended sofa, which backs onto the sleeping area. The headboard of the bed is formed by a short wall, to create a clear divide to the home office and kitchen area beyond.

Small Living: Super Streamlined Studio Apartment

Stylish space saving layout for a compact studio apartment, including slimline storage.

Dining bench

Taiwanese Apartment With Simple Layout and Punchy Palette

An open plan Taiwanese apartment that holds style in its simplicity and warmth in its accent color.