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Much of the home used in the final film is actually a hotel. The Juvet Landscape Hotel, from the Norwegian team at Jensen & Skodvin Architects. Although the film takes place in Alaska, this stunning hotel is actually found in a remote area of Norway. The hotel, which has not been open long, is nestled among rocks, forests, and water. It plays the part of the billionaire's dining room but is also available for booking - if you can afford it.

Ex Machina Movie House

A comprehensive look inside the house from Ex Machina movie. Includes pictures and videos of the interior of the hotel used to fil...

During the day shots the fortress of a house was flooded with sunlight via large windows framing serene views, illustrating the isolated location of the home. The colors of the landscape bleed into the  dramatic interior, and the use of natural textures fuse the inside and outside spaces.

The Ghost Writer Movie House

Take a look at the Ghost Writer Movie House, a fortress-like building with an interior furnished with timeless, sleek Walter Knoll...

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Movie set modern house

‘When A Stranger Calls’ Movie House

The movie set of the 'When A Stranger Calls' Movie is a contemporary, lakeside stunner. But does it really exist?...

The stepped and suspended structure, with first floor open living space and a master suite on the second, hovers over the twinkling city.

Spread Movie House

Pictures and details of the Hollywood house featured in the movie Spread.

casa china blanca house-by-sea with pool and view of ocean

“Limitless” Movie Villa

Casa China Blanca, a Mexican villa featured in the film, Limitless, is also a popular wedding venue.


Tron Inspired Home Interiors from Dupont

Dupont and Disney teamed together at Milan Design Week and they featured these Tron inspired interiors


Unbelievable: Pixar’s Up Movie House Re-created in Real Life

Unbelievable floating balloon house seen in Pixar's Up movie re-created in real life.


Ferris Bueller’s Day Off Movie Home

Interior snaps of the home from the movie Ferris Beuller's Day Off.

iron man house

Iron Man’s House

Inside scoop on Iron Man's house including location, workshop and CG.


Twilight New Moon House: Cullen’s Residence

A rare treat for the architectural world from the movie Twilight: New Moon


Nightfox’s Villa in Ocean’s Twelve

Pictures and Information about the Francois Toulour's (aka Nightfox) residence shown in the movie Ocean's Twelve


Twilight House – Cullen’s Home Decor

Pictures and details about the Edwad Cullen's house shown in the movie Twilight


Interiors from Bond Movies

Photos of interiors, locations and sets from old and new Bond Movies