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Delicate, subtle pattern dances over backlit white crystal here, appearing as sunlight on glaciers.

25 Unique Kitchen Countertops

Visually fabulous countertops and interactively stimulating Smart kitchen work surfaces.

kitchen island

20 Kitchen Island Designs

Islands not only provide extra functionality in the way of storage and work space to the kitchen, they also add a social element a...

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White brown kitchen scheme

Wood Tones and White

This airy open plan apartment uses gallery white walls and warm wood tones to create a beautifully modern effect from a classicall...

The cut ice-like surface comes without any compromise on functionality and results in no added company investment, maintaining traditional production processes and still managing to respect the environment.

Kitchens That Make the Cut

Amazing kitchens by Estudiosat, with vibrant color combinations and unique cabinet facing, including wallpaper effects and art pri...

To get a sense of the company's aesthetics, take a look at 'Tipping Point, a typical Splinterworks project. Tipping Point is an optically arresting sculptural feat; appearing to defy gravity by impossibly balancing a huge leaning volume on a knife-edge. The highly reflective mirror-polished stainless steel heightens the visual weightlessness offering a gleaming, eye-catching pair of balancing arcs in perfect symmetry. The lustrous surface creates elegant elongated reflections of the surrounding environment, rendering the whole piece to appear almost invisible. The reflective nature of the work makes the piece easy to integrate into a living space, and the circular design creates a self-contained working area which is easy to place into an open plan space.

Innovative Kitchens & Curvaceous Countertops

A unique look at kitchen layouts for forward thinking homeowners, with smooth curves and sleek lines.

graffiti interior

New Age Contemporary Kitchens

Amazing kitchen compositions that throw the rule book out of the window! Original color ways, stunning finishes and young vibrant ...

All Black Simple Kitchen

Modern Kitchens From Elmar Cucine

Sleek Italian design by Elmar Cucine, that offers neat, luxury monochromatic kitchens with pops of colour.