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Wright is most famous for a philosophy he coined, 'organic architecture,' aptly represented in the Millard House by his use of concrete blocks as the primary building material. Departing from a purely aesthetic appeal, Wright saw an opportunity to reduce the cost of the build and a noble re-purposing of that, which would have otherwise been relegated to the industrial.

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Millard House For Sale

The Millard house still stands unique in its Pasedena landscape and offers real estate moguls the world over an opportunity to own...

frank lloyd wright house island

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Heart Island House

Frank Lloyd Wright started building his Petra Island NY house before his death but died before its completion. It was completed in...

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Creative Recreations of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling Water

Artists of today, inspired by Wright's famous Falling Water House and the Guggenheim Museum, attempt to recreate those famous work...


Live in Falling Water, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Masterpiece

A globally acclaimed house built by Frank Lloyd Wright is now more accessible to the public.